Letters to the Editor

Not every politician to blame

I am disappointed in our Mayor, Mike Moore, and his response to the Capitol breach by supporters of Donald Trump. Trying to blame every politician in D.C. — really Mayor? And the “other side of the coin” comment, what does that even mean? I need an explanation.

Michael Gaubatz, Jeffersonville

Braun ‘should be ashamed’

Senator Braun, nice try to distance yourself from Donald Trump after the riots and attacks on the Capitol. You have been right in the midst of all the Trump lemmings since he took office, blind followers. Unfortunately, Trump and you with his herd went over the cliff on January 6th, along with our democracy.

I am embarrassed to say you represent our state of Indiana. You make a mockery of the legacy of our statesmen such as Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton. You should be ashamed.

Tom Gettelfinger, Sellersburg

Rioters not ‘patriots’

The following statement of the obvious is prompted by a glimpse into the mindset of Max Freeman of Indianapolis afforded by the January 7, 2021 News and Tribune article titled “State officials condemn actions of D.C. protesters.”

A patriot is one who loves and supports his country; this includes advocating in a lawful manner for changes deemed necessary for the greater good of its citizens. I ask Mr. Freeman to find a word other than “patriot” to describe those who stormed the Capitol.

Jim Martin, Jeffersonville

Health workers’ efforts lauded

I would like to commend the Clark County Health Department, Clark Memorial hospital, and the staff for their efforts in making the COVID-19 vaccination process an easy experience Jan. 8. Their organization, personnel on site, and professional manner were outstanding.

Jon M. Millman, Sellersburg

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