Letters to the Editor

Morris’ passion, skills appreciated

Say it Ain’t So...Willie Mays, Jim Brown, Michael Jordan and now Chris Morris...we wanted them all to stay longer. From local sports to local news, when Chris was reporting or writing an editorial about us, he knew us...because he is one of us. Thank you Chris for sharing your passion and skills with our community. Congratulations on a great run with the News and Tribune.


Mike Ricke, New Albany

Free will, freedoms important, too

The ecological depression of 2020, not the financial depression of 1929 when banks failed.

The 2020 depression is due to the fact that the medical industry failed.

Schools closed, business closed, industry all over out of work. Governments suspending civil rights against the Constitution guaranteed rights to assemble and pursue happiness.

This 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is worse than the 1929 episode. People should practice good clean hygiene, but not to the expense of their free will and guaranteed freedom.

We the people should decide for ourselves the road to which this sovereign nation should pursue its greater good. Government has not the right to demand the rights of free men regardless of circumstances or enemy seen or unseen.

Leroy Heil, Jeffersonville

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