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Transparency needed when police being investigated

Open letter to the citizens of what I call the “TRI-City” in Southern IN: Jeffersonville, Clarksville and New Albany; and, regionally, I consider the Quad: Louisville even KYANA!

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. In the last months, weeks, days, even hours, we have seen so much violence! Young and old people cut down in the prime of their lives. Yet, sometimes we secretly think “in our hearts” that some of them deserved what they got . . . maybe because of their lifestyles, possibly, their acquaintances, or simply put, they appeared to have been bad people. How do I know this? Admittedly, I’ve said the same thing!

So, what happened? One morning, I awoke and was convicted in my heart of these PRECONCEIVED thoughts. I was reminded of an infamous quote in a movie I’d recently watched: YOU DO WHAT YOU ARE (of course we tend to say: we are what we do). Interestingly it kept resonating in my spirit! When, suddenly, this thought went through my heart like a piercing sword: when GOOD people DO nothing EVIL prevails. Remember: you DO what you are!

So, what did I DO? What’s in me: ADVOCATE Truth! (unbeknownst to me, a manifestation of a promise I made to my mom approximately a year before her death in 2008: Mom says, when you re-enter into your ministry, for me a movement, make sure you preach truth!).

So, what am I advocating today? TRUTH: A change in the ISP’s Protocol to allow other posts to investigate themselves in the event of an officer INVESTIGATED shooting or incident.

The case: Sellersburg’s ISP was involved in a citizen shooting in Jeff. (so you know, I am not arguing the investigation or outcome; but, the process/protocol). Unfortunately, the investigation was conducted by the ISP’s Versaille post. Herein lies the truth: self-investigation does not result in investigative transparency.

Recommended CHANGE in the PROTOCOL: ISP retain the “Internal” self-investigation; then, ADD, an external investigation via the FBI of Indiana; and, lastly, establish an independent, autonomous citizen’s review board as a additional check and balance.

The goal is to establish TRANSPARENCY!

Fyi, I have individually written emails to several leaders of our state: our Governor, Candidate for Governor, Senator, Representative, ISP’s Superintendent and Chief of Staff, Jeff’s Mayor and City Attorney and Chief of Police and Clark County’s Prosecutor about this biased/preferential process.

Cheryl Herth, Clarksville

‘Unvarnished news is the way to go’

To all the Gentle Readers of the News and Tribune that believe that violence in Democrat run cities is a myth or conspiracy, I would like to encourage them to follow the social media feeds of either/or/both Andy Ngo or Julio Rosas to see their film footage of nightly events in Democrat run cities. CNN is not going to show the footage. Period. Why?

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. AG Barr stated that many of the rioters are crossing state lines in order to facilitate unrest and chaos in cities currently being racked by such unrest. That is against federal statutes and if apprehended, they will face federal charges. The DOJ is also actively trying to find out how all of these rioters are being funded. Doesn’t matter if they are Antifa, BLM or a hybrid of both movements.

To all the Gentle Readers who believe Black Lives Matter is simply about improving black lives across America, I hope they will read the article in the New York Post about BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors from late June 2020:


To all the Gentle Readers who have given to BLM or are thinking about it, be advised that a portion of your donation goes to Act Blue, which funds all DNC candidates. My guess is that Act Blue will be focusing on the Biden campaign for the foreseeable future in order to match or surpass the Trump campaign fund. Give to a candidate of your choice, a church, or non-profit that provides services to all.

In these trying times, 60 days from the elections, never take any news source as gospel. Take the time and do the research yourself. I start my day with Breitbart. Former Chief of Staff John Kelly said that was where he started his. Good enough for me. ‘Rah! Revolver.com is another good website. I miss OANN since dropping DirectTV. Spectrum does not seem willing to add them. YouTube is indispensible. Spectrum’s failure to pick up OANN (One America News Network) may push me to cut the cable and pick up Hulu. Cable seems willing to kill itself, just as many newspapers are.

Don’t be a sheep and follow what the MSM nightly news is pushing. They are in it to make money and advance a narrative. Unvarnished news is the way to go. You should be making up your own mind. Abraham Lincoln shut down a lot of newspapers (the only news outlets at the time) because of propaganda during the Civil War. I guess Trump is depending on us to figure it out for ourselves. It’s free speech, 1A, right?

At least we can read opinions from Northern Indiana in the Tribune.

Elizabeth Madden, Georgetown

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