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Letter had a ‘logical fallacy’

This is in response to Beth Barker’s letter of April 8, “We are all ‘real Americans’.” A mostly well-thought-out letter, it had one big logical fallacy that I have to point out. She stated, “Since the majority of N&T readers are conservative voters (in other words, Trump supporters)...”

This “in other words” connection is false. There are many, many conservative voters who are NOT Trump supporters. I personally know at least a dozen: family members, friends, co-workers, casual acquaintances... I have spoken with these lifelong conservatives who felt Trump’s negatives outweighed his positives and either voted for someone else in 2020 or chose none of the above. (Some of these people did vote for him in 2016, but not 2020.) These voters, and millions like them, are why the election turned out as it did. Nothing was stolen. Trump lost the election because his chosen strategy did not appeal broadly enough to conservatives.

I totally agree with Ms. Barker’s main point that broad generalizations are inaccurate and unhelpful. She probably didn’t realize she did something similar herself.

Sam Johnson, New Albany

Senators working on climate

I want to thank Senators Braun and Young for sponsoring bipartisan climate legislation. Both of our Indiana senators have sponsored The Growing Climate Solutions Act and The Conservation and Innovative Partnership Act. These pieces of legislation are a step in the right direction. Both bills support farmers and landowners to adopt climate friendly solutions.

Senators Young and Braun have a unique opportunity to lead on farmer and business friendly climate solutions. I hope to see them continue to reach across the aisle on future climate bills, such as placing a price on carbon.

Heather Swinney, New Albany

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