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We all are ‘real Americans’

I was taken back by a statement in local columnist Barbara Anderson’s piece, “Protect our vote.” She writes that, “More Americans (real Americans) were shocked, angered and embarrassed by the last administration than weren’t.”

This says to me is that Anderson considers those of us that dare to see things differently as not being “real Americans.” This is offensive beyond words. I am surprised that the editors of the N&T would allow such a statement to remain in an article by one of their writers. Since the majority of N&T readers are conservative voters (in other words, Trump supporters), why would a newspaper want to anger and alienate the majority of its readership? Looks like somebody was asleep at the wheel.

The majority of our military and law enforcement overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump. So are these men and women good enough to defend our freedom and our safety, but not good enough to be considered “real Americans?”

Discussion of voting at age 18 and the Vietnam War would suggest that Anderson and I are roughly the same age. However, I remember the political landscape of that era quite differently. While she laments the fact that we have had 32 years of Republican rule vs. 20 years of Democratic rule, I, on the other hand, say, “THANK GOD!” Inflation under Johnson and Carter was unbearable and robbed the American people of any prosperity. Unemployment under Carter was so severe that one was lucky to find a job as a bus boy.

Anderson is correct when she states that with Reagan, “our lives changed.” And indeed they did. It wasn’t until we elected a Republican that the economy pulled out of its downward spiral. Jobs became plentiful, people began to afford new homes, and Americans had hope for the future once again, much of the way Trump ushered in a booming job market after the economic malaise of the Obama era.

Anderson seems to remember the Vietnam era with a certain amount of nostalgia. She states, “We voted, we demonstrated, we challenged, and we changed things.” What I remember most is how protesters gathered in airports and on the streets and shouted insults at returning soldiers, demeaning them, calling them “baby killers” for doing what their country asked of them. This left scars for many of our veterans that have never healed. This era was a time of upheaval, anger, mistrust, and division, much like what we are going through now. Those were not good years for our country.

Considering Anderson’s attack on Georgia for its passage of the Election Integrity Act of 2021, it seems she has jumped on the media bandwagon to further a false narrative of restricted voter access. Voter ID laws do not limit access for legal voters in Georgia no more than they do in Indiana. And what is wrong with purging the dead and non-residents from voter rolls. With 40 percent of American voters believing the process is rigged, failure to restore faith in our election system will be at our own peril.

In defending Georgia, here is a little know fact. The push for the 26th Amendment giving those 18 and over the right to vote began during the early days of WWII. Georgia was the first state to ratify that amendment, passing it as far back as August 1943. It would be 12 years before another state would complete ratification. When it finally passed, it was a bipartisan effort, and signed into law by a Republican president, Richard Nixon (

I disagree with most of what Anderson writes, but I still consider her a “real American.” Please extend that courtesy to the rest of us.

Beth Barker, Jeffersonville

Cheers to Silver Creek — they Rock

Congratulations to the Silver Creek Dragons girls’ and boys’ basketball teams on an unprecedented and successful run. In these difficult times, kudos to the IHSAA, the school, the coaches, and the families for keeping these young men and women safe and well so they could represent the area so well.

But there is a group not mentioned who have also represented the Silver Creek area exceptionally well and they are right there on the Tuesday front page of your newspaper with the team… I’m talking about the Silver Creek Cheer squad. Twelve of the 22 young ladies were at nearly every single game cheering the teams on. They cheered the girls’ and the boys’ basketball teams as well as the football team during that season. In addition to that, they have had their own competitions to prepare for and, like the basketball teams, they have won state competitions — 4 years running in one division and 3 years in another.

Yes, Silver Creek rocks… in more ways than many people know.

Bob Daily, New Albany, proud SC grandfather

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