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Wrong direction on Brown's Station Way

I think we can all agree the roundabout on Ind. 62 at Interstate 265 is dangerous at best. Even the honorable Steve Stemler has acknowledged the interchange’s unsafe conditions and is working to have it corrected.

So why is it that the Town of Clarksville is considering a $16 million project that would add not one, but two roundabouts on Brown's Station Way?

In addition to the roundabouts, the project would remove two lanes from Brown's Station Way, lower the speed limit to that of a residential street and replace the Lewis and Clark Parkway overpass in favor of an at-grade intersection.

I’m told these roundabouts won’t be as onerous as the one on Ind. 62, but I think any reasonable person — and especially New Albany residents who commute to Louisville — would agree that they will be just as busy. And all of this work would come just before the Sherman Minton Bridge is closed for two years for renovations.

This plan is a terrible waste of taxpayer dollars to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

I was unable to attend a recent public meeting held by the Town of Clarksville for discussion of a highway report created by consultants the town hired to study the roadway and make recommendations. I’d guess most residents of Clarksville didn’t know about the meeting, and I would wager that neither did the residents of New Albany — the people who will be most profoundly impacted by the project.

The town does need to do something to replace the pedestrian bridge that once spanned Brown's Station Way, and the town will likely need to work with Clark County to make repairs to the Lewis and Clark Parkway overpass. I would think these two projects would be a fraction of the cost of the plan currently being considered, and I’m certain they would not impact traffic nearly as much as the removal of driving lanes and a reduced speed limit.

Clarksville has several excellent, innovative and visionary projects in the hopper, but this is not one of them. Whatever has been spent on this Brown's Station Way project is a sunk cost. Drop the current plans and redo it now before this disaster becomes a reality.




Trump bold, 'man of liberty'

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, marching on the sands of Iraq.

Tramp, Tramp,Tramp, under the blazing sun of Afghanistan with steady stealth. Rouge nations tremble, terrorist scared.

Trump, Trump, Trump, bold is this man of liberty.

Trump, Trump, Trump, come and see. It is he. It is he.

Guardian of life, the brave, the free.

Guardian of life, the brave, the free.

Iran, Russia, China, and others as well, take heed, proceed with caution. Remember Soleimani's farewell.


Guardian of life, the brave, the free.

Guardian of life, the brave and the free.



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