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First responders deserve our thanks

As the Chairman of the LifeSpring Foundation I get to see much of the results of the past few months. The pandemic, the election disturbances and riots, the snow and cold, and general depression by everyone we see. This is a time like no prior in my life and possibly rivals the Great Depression tales my parents told me. Our community is fortunate to have first responders like we do. They are there no matter what, and they have the same issues that everyone else has. I would like to thank all the first responders in our community, including police, fire, ambulance, emergency room staff, street departments who clean up ice and snow for hours on end, and pull the garbage out of snow drifts.

I want to remind us all that these people have the same environment of depression that we all are experiencing. Thank you folks for doing your jobs regardless.

Jack Vissing, chairman of the LifeSpring Foundation

Clinic will increase health care access

An amazing step was taken by Mayor Jeff Gahan and the City by partnering with LifeSpring to open a new clinic in Colonial Manor. The opening of a LifeSpring’s clinic is an amazing addition to our community. Easily accessible and affordable health care is highly important to maintain the health of our community, especially considering the ongoing pandemic. Every step to improve accessibility to health care especially among groups that cannot normally afford should be encouraged. Overall I applaud the City and Mayor for taking steps to help make our community a better and healthier place.

Tai Fox, Georgetown

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