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Mental health oversight parents’ duty

I have to say, I was completely underwhelmed by Mr. Snyder’s Second of a Three-Part Series on May 1. This would have been the perfect time to divulge what exactly NAFCS accomplished with their $1,130,000 grant given to them over a four year period from The Lilly Endowment to justify another referendum. In posting the receipt of the endowment, Mr. Snyder said the money would be utilized to: “meet the complex academic, college, career, and social and emotional counseling needs of their students.” Were the complex academic, college and career needs not met before? Is it the responsibility of the school system to meet the social and emotional needs of their students? Isn’t it up to the parental units to meet the social and emotional needs of their students? Why is the social and emotional needs suddenly being wrapped into a sell job on “School Safety”? It is completely nonsensical.

I appreciate State Rep. Wendy McNamara even more today for standing her ground on the School Safety Bill. Ms. McNamara stated the bill was originally written to offer grants for school hardening measures and cautioned combining mental health funding into the same bill. “In my opinion, a lot more resources need to be dedicated specifically to student mental health and social-emotional learning,” McNamara says. “There needs to be two funds, and they shouldn’t be intertwined, which is ultimately what wound up happening.” She stood her ground and the mental health and social-emotional learning language was stripped, only to be reintroduced as a separate issue. So, why is the mental health and social-emotional learning being used by the superintendent in a School Safety referendum? Is Mr. Snyder combining the two issues because it would sell better under the guise of School Safety?

Mitch Daniels changed the funding for school corporations in 2008 because school corporations were just using property tax funds like money being thrown into an empty well. Apparently, Mr. Snyder now views the referendum as the best way to throw money into an empty well since state law now requires that he live within his budgeted means, just like any taxpayer does within their home. Mitch Daniels’ school funding reform was hailed in December 2019 as being the formula for holding schools accountable for the tax dollars they receive (Fordham Institute — “What Other States Can Learn From Indiana’s Funding, Choice & Accountability Reforms”). Mitch Daniels has maintained a steady tuition as President of Purdue University. I have seen him many times on various business programs and he laughs about how other college presidents hate him for not increasing tuition at Purdue.

Children with mental health issues should be removed from the general population of the school system. It is up to the parental units to get that child the necessary help. Those students can distance learn while their mental health issues are being addressed. It is not the responsibility of the school system to provide mental health resources to those children. NAFCS wasn’t going to help them after graduation anyway, right? It’s just a boondoggle. We are not low-informed voters, Mr. Snyder. I will not forget the School Board members who blindly followed when their terms expire, either.

Elizabeth Madden, Georgetown

Dan Moore suited for judgeship

I have known Dan Moore since he was a student in college. In fact, he has been a personal friend of several of my family members. Over 20 years ago, Dan reached out in a special way that showed his caring side, loyal friendship, and ability to put differing politics and opinions aside.

Dan reached out during the illness of my husband as he was desperately trying to keep his law practice together and fight another cancer that ultimately took his life. Dan, in an effort to get my husband closer to the courthouse so he could continue his law practice, reached out and suggested that my husband share office space with him. As Dan explained, Bill could walk to the courthouse if he needed to from his location.

That offer, at a time so difficult for my husband, was a huge act of friendship and caring. It was an offer to someone with whom he sometimes differed politically … but that didn’t matter to Dan. It was an offer to someone, who I am sure, had been on different sides of legal issues … but that didn’t matter to Dan. It was an offer to someone who needed help … that’s what mattered to Dan.

As I see it, a judge needs to be able to put politics and personal opinions aside, be caring and fair, and have a kind heart and a willingness to reach out to people who need help. A good judge needs to be able to see a need and try to fix it.

That’s who Dan Moore is … that’s what Dan Moore does … Vote for DAN MOORE for Judge.

Lois Engebretson, Clarksville

Consider health of others, too

I get very irritated with these people who say that it is their body, and the government can’t tell them what to do. Do they consider how many other lives are adversely affected by their selfish attitude? Of course not because they are so self-focused. What about their grandparents, or the elderly person at the grocery? Another issue is the overload of our medical workers who are already overworked and at great risk. Those individuals who are willing to take the risk should also take charge of their medical treatment by signing a promise not to seek medical attention if they become infected.

Suzie Kochert, Floyds Knobs


To the Floyd County Solid Waste District for reopening the recycling drop-offs and for having the Grant Line Road site open Tuesday through Saturday and the Galena site open on Wednesdays.

David Isaacs, New Albany

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