Letters to the Editor

‘Remember in November’

Please support the NAFCS School Safety referendum.

I would like to humbly address the top three hesitations I have heard about the School Safety referendum.

1. Mental health has nothing to do with school safety. Mental health resources are 100 percent linked to safety...not just school safety, but everywhere safety. I don’t have enough space to explain the link in this letter.

2. Why should I pay for another person’s child’s medical issues? Because you have been paying this cost for years, you are paying for it now, and you will continue to pay for these costs in the future if America remains the same operationally. The cost is being paid in the criminal justice system primarily, when many individuals grow up un-diagnosed/under-diagnosed, and/or un-medicated/not properly medicated. The average cost to house an inmate in Indiana is $52.61/day ($19,202.65/year..per IN.gov). When youth are diagnosed at a younger age, and treated properly, they are less likely to engage in criminal behaviors, thus making the mental health services a potential savings vs. the cost of incarceration.

3. I don’t like the way NAFCS has spent money in the past, especially spending $3 million of the last referendum on a soccer field. To this I say, your feelings are 100 percent valid, I understand, and I would ask that you channel that frustration where it can have an effect on how NAFCS spends taxpayers’ money....in November, when voting for school board members. If this frustration is channeled by not supporting the safety referendum, I believe that is withholding essential benefits to children and employees, for something they didn’t cause.

4. Why doesn’t NAFCS use their budgeted money for these safety resources? That, too, is 100 percent valid. Again, that answer rests in the hands of those on the school board who are voting on recommendations from the Superintendent that support monies going to other areas vs. directing monies to these resources. I humbly ask that you channel that concern when voting. REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!

I am asking you to please support this valid and specifically regulated referendum so that safety resources, including SROs, can be provided for our children and staff. Please support in June and REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER! Please email me at lawiseheart@yahoo.com with questions or concerns about this referendum. I am one NAFCS board member and I do NOT represent any other board member.

Lee Ann Wiseheart, New Albany

Voter ID laws unnecessary

A recent letter writer claimed that “there were 1.6 million more votes cast in Los Angeles County, CA, in the 2016 election than there were adults of voting age.” That is a false claim that has been repeated — and debunked — many times.

Here’s the real story: In 2017, Judicial Watch, a right-wing group that embraces many far-out conspiracy theories, sued Los Angeles County for failing to remove inactive voters from its rolls. A settlement was reached, and the county agreed to attempt to contact people in the inactive voter file to determine their status. No evidence was presented that any illegal voting had actually occurred.

Maintaining voter rolls is not easy or automatic. Voters move away or die — or choose to sit out several elections for whatever reason, but now want to exercise their right to vote.

Numerous studies have shown that voter fraud is virtually nonexistent. For example, an Arizona State University study found only 10 cases of voter fraud in the entire United States between 2000 and 2012 — out of hundreds of millions of votes cast.

Let’s quit trying to make voting harder and instead encourage more people to participate in this democracy.

Mike Bosc, New Albany

Protect renters from evictions

No one should lose their home during this global pandemic. On June 4th, the state moratorium on evictions ends, which means that thousands of our neighbors will be forced out of their homes because they lost their job and owe back rent. I am a current renter at a large apartment complex and am thankful that I still have my job. This past year, my apartment was bought by an out-of-state owner. The powerlessness I feel sometimes trying to communicate with my apartment owner is overwhelming at times.

I’m worried about my neighbors who have lost their jobs and are behind in rent. The only thing my apartment complex has done is extended move out dates. That is all. Me and my neighbors cannot trust our out-of-state owners. We need more protections from the city of New Albany and from Governor Holcomb. NO EVICTIONS!

William Stauffer, New Albany

Suspend HOA rules for grad signs

I know there is a need for HOAs. They decorate the entrances, keep garbage under control, etc.; however, I believe common sense trumps HOA dictation of certain unusual experiences like the hopefully once in a lifetime coronavirus.

In Rolling Creek Subdivision there is an ordinance against yard signs. I understand this; however, when NAFC Schools graciously gave signs to graduates to place in their yards, the HOA asked the owner to remove the sign by May 13 when school is not out until May 30.

I have requested that the HOA leave the signs up until May 30 and was told no and that they were enforcing their ordinance.

Pat Harrison, New Albany

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