Legislation threatens our freedoms

The first century philosopher Epictetus knowingly said, “Only the educated are free.” America is defined by this word freedom. Today we find our very freedoms threatened by inner factions our society, namely the Republican Party. In our state of Indiana freedoms have been limited by skewed tax policy, cuts to education, and by promotion of guns in society and even our schools. Now our super majority in Indianapolis wants an effort to prosecute even librarians, our bedrock of information and learning.

Senate Bill 12 would allow prosecution of any librarian or teacher to be accused of letting books deemed offensive into the hands of minors. Even a parent could bring charges and drag a librarian to court. This Republican party only wants you exposed to what they think is right and just. This is the injustice that brought people here on the Mayflower to seek freedom to worship and think for themselves. It is difficult to express the obvious hypocrisy in this proposed bill and the party that wants to take away our freedoms. This bill is anti-First Amendment, our most treasured right.

Tell your legislator to put money back into our education system and promote our teachers. We need to promote access to more books and limit access to guns. Epictetus would agree.

Irv Meurer


Recycling center employees deserve kudos

I frequent the recycling center on Grant Line Road and I’m there at least twice a week. I want to acknowledge the people who work there.

I misplaced an envelope from BMV and I had been to the recycling center earlier this past Tuesday and thought it somehow got put in my recycling. I called dispatch and they alerted the people who work there and by the time I got back up there David Watson the supervisor was in the dumpster looking for it! They went above and beyond to help me and I wanted to make it known that they’re awesome! All of the people who work there are always very helpful and friendly every time I go there!! Big shoutout to them, especially David Watson! Thank you so much!

Debbie Cobb, Lanesville

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