Letters to the Editor

These NAFCS candidates put kids first

As a father of an NAFCS student and the husband of a teacher, I play close attention to decisions made by school board members. I am at every board meeting and speak at meetings quite frequently. I care so much that I started the Facebook page The NAFC Educator, which is nearing 1,500 followers. This page was created so parents who cannot attend the meeting can hear about decisions being made and I do it for no compensation.

In doing so, I have seen first-hand how two members of the board, who are up for re-election, always put our kids first. Jenny Higbie and Elizabeth Galligan are strong advocates for our kids. They support projects for building improvements, they support our athletes, they vote to make sure those educating our kids and those creating strategic plans for our corporation get the raises and benefits they deserve and they look for ways to make our schools stronger and competitive for the community. They push for school safety, they advocate for policies and procedures that make us a strong corporation and they vote with our kids in mind, not their own personal gain. They are completing their first terms in office and I believe they deserve another term. Our kids need these advocates on the board. Jenny has children currently in the corporation and Elizabeth’s boys graduated last year.

Misty Ronau is running for the board as well. Misty would bring a fresh perspective to the board. She championed the safety referendum. She is passionate about public education and will fight for what is right for our kids. Her opponent has been on the board since 2004 and touts that. It’s time for a change. It is time for someone to join the board and fight for our kids. Her opponent has tried several times to get herself a raise even in years when teachers were struggling to get a cost of living increase. This is not acceptable.

I am begging anyone who reads this to vote for our kids. Vote for our educators and vote to make our district a destination for kids in our region. Vote for Elizabeth Galligan, Jenny Higbie and Misty Ronau. A vote for them is where “Children Come First” in action and not just on a yard sign.

Josh Suiter, Floyd County

Lawrence strong on public education

Why I will vote for Erica Lawrence:

I’ve heard Erica speak. She is for public education, which is one of the most important components in any culture. If you’re not educated well you can easily get left out. Our schools deserve the very best teacher in every position.

Over the past two years our present representative, Mr. Ed Clere, has not answered any of my questions, which I send by email and occasional letter. I hope that if Erica is elected, she will answer my questions and not fluff me off as someone who doesn’t matter.

Jamey Aebersold, New Albany

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