Letters to the Editor

Ronau uniquely qualified for school board

A lot of your readers are focused on the presidential election, but I hope they will be thoughtful about the New Albany Floyd County School (NAFCS) Board election. We are fortunate to have a great candidate in Misty Ronau.

Ms. Ronau is uniquely qualified to serve on the Board. She has demonstrated relevant leadership skills as a PTO president, science fair coordinator, Girl Scout troop leader, STEM education advocate, 4-H club leader, and as an advocate for public education at state platform hearings. She also has the perspective of a parent because she has a child in the 6th grade in NAFCS.

She is a former investigator for child protective services, so she understands the role schools play in meeting the needs of students, including those who face the most challenges. She created NAFCS Community Connections, which seeks to connect individuals and organizations in the area with the needs of NAFCS schools (for example, coordinating the donation of necessary supplies). She was also the Chair of the Safety for Our Schools Floyd County Political Action Committee.

Ms. Ronau is committed to following the established code of ethics for School Board members and adhering to good fiscal stewardship and transparency. She is prepared to work with experts, administrators, parents, other governing bodies, the public, and our schools’ frontline staff to meet the needs of our students and broader community. This is especially important in light of the many challenges COVID-19 poses to our schools and families.

Please vote for Misty Ronau for the NAFCS Board. This is a position that directly affects all of us in Floyd County because our schools are so integral to every other part of life. www.facebook.com/MistyforSchoolBoard

Susan Bizzell, New Albany

All to blame for lack of federal assistance

April 30, Washington Post: “The next phase of relief is going to be the law of a lifetime.”

May 17, Pacific Group on Health: “Congress gets serious about COVID Phase 4 legislation.”

The first sentence of the initial opinion column above stated: “Congress will definitely pass a ‘Phase Four’ relief package simply because it must.”

Nearly six full months later, Washington — not just Congress — apparently didn’t get serious enough about helping Americans and the “must relief” turned into a universal “we can’t believe nothing has passed.”

Reasonable people might differ on the details. But reasonable people are elected and appointed to resolve such differences on behalf of our country. And there is no debating the many industries — and when we say industries, we’re really talking about people, jobs, families and livelihoods — that are suffering.

There is plenty of blame to go around. What should Indiana do? Unlike those in Washington, put partisan politics aside and provide assistance.

We will work at the state level to enact liability protections for the many businesses, health care facilities and schools that follow the rules, which was one of the unfulfilled federal promises. That’s a good start, but Washington owed us so much more!

Kevin Brinegar, President and CEO, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Galligan works to find common ground

I am writing to support the re-election of Elizabeth Galligan to the NAFC School Board. She is a graduate of our schools and the parent of two recent graduates as well. If you watch any of the meetings, you will notice that she is always well-prepared (in advance) and uses a professional tone. She is not one for grandstanding or surprises, rather she seeks to work with administrators, teachers, staff members, and community members to find common ground. Elizabeth is an effective and tireless advocate for our schools. I hope you join me and the many others who enthusiastically support her candidacy.

Nicole Szoko, Sellersburg

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