Township must do better with overgrown lots

Have you noticed how many roads, fields, and empty lots are ridiculously overgrown in Georgetown Township this summer? Far more than usual, and we can thank our first-term township trustee, Dee Roney, for much of that…along with a few others.

Under Indiana law, township trustees have the duty to make sure property owners do not allow noxious weeds and other detrimental plants to grow on their properties. The state basically designates them as the point man to combat these destructive plants, which have already been identified as detrimental and noxious by Indiana’s top experts in these matters. Trustees are required to budget money to hire people to mow or clear these overgrown lots if the owners refuse when told to do so by the trustee. The law even states it is an infraction for a trustee not to perform this duty. Mr. Roney is well aware of all of this.

Sadly, Mr. Roney, I guess, has decided that performing that part of his job is beneath him. Not only does he pretend not to see the forests of Johnson grass, shattercane, and other prohibited weeds along our township roads, but he even refused to take care of a wildly-overgrown lot on Catalpa Drive that he personally visited in response to a complaint on July 21. Mr. Roney has stalled on taking action and has dodged or ignored a call and emails for over two weeks and stating to me on August 1 that the owner was taking care of it. As of today, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. That’s an entire month and a half for these invasive and destructive plants to grow and spread. Spread like weeds!

Our former trustee was great at addressing this problem across the entire township, as well as many other issues brought to him by his constituents. A trustee has many tasks to perform some pleasant and some not. As stated by IC 15-16-8-1, IC 15-16-8-4, IC 15-16-8-10, IC 15-16-8-13, IC -15-16-8-5and 6, IC 15-16-8-12.

Billy Haller, Georgetown

Reader disagrees with column

I would like to take issue with John Krull’s column of 9-3. I disagree with his smug approach to the refugees not being a threat to Americans. Mr. Krull was reacting to Sen. Mike Braun’s “fears for Hoosier’s safety” article in relation to the refugees.

First, many persons were allowed on the airplane without being vetted, which means “the act or process of appraising or checking a person for suitability, accuracy or validity” was not accomplished. Sexual predators, terrorists and a host of persons who could be a threat to U.S. citizens may be in the group. After vetting these individuals, it is doubtful that many will be rejected and returned to Afghanistan. In fact, President Biden has not placed any stringent criteria on illegals and it is less likely he will treat refugees differently.

Secondly, there exists the fear of diseases, introduction of new diseases and loss of life. Probably a sizable number of refugees have diseases/illness such as Smallpox which has about a 30 percent survival rate without vaccine. Or, they may present with new illnesses for which there are no known treatments. Some American military stationed in other countries contracted new illnesses and diseases that have plagued the medical community for many years. This same scenario could occur with the refugees.

Let’s face it! The refugees, as well as the illegals, will compete with the middle/lower classes for jobs, money and benefits. I am especially concerned about the negative effect upon the elderly, the “silent minority.” The refugees will partake in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits. President Biden has proposed making Social Security and Medicare (converted to Medicare for All) available to all illegals and refugees. Senior members worked for many years and “earned’ those benefits, paying hard-earned money into Social Security and Medicare. Now they are going to be handed over to individuals who never made regular payments to these funds! This practice will be unfair to those who “earned” these benefits through contributions.

Social Security has threatened insolvency for many years. The upwards of 5,000 refugees and 1+ million illegals will make a significant drain on the system. Joe Biden has proposed a tax on retirement accounts up to 50 percent. Biden’s outrageous proposed taxation on retirement accounts will hurt the retirees and particularly senior citizens who are utilizing their retirement accounts for food and other necessities. To make matters worse, recently both chambers of Congress proposed upwards of a 20 percent cut in Social Security benefits.

Moreover, Social Security funds have been used by legislators for many years. They have raided the fund for their “Pork Barrel projects” and repaid the money with worthless IOUs. I understand this practice may have been halted more recently. I was advised those IOUs have amounted to large amounts of dollars and no efforts are being made to repay those loans. A lock-box should be placed on Social Security funds to avoid these types of abuses. Retirees have been getting the shaft for many years through loss of Social Security increases and cost-of-living (colas) being decreased or withheld.

In regard to the refugees, I think Senator Mike Braun was correct in having “fears for Hoosiers’ safety” as follows: 1.Fear of physical harm 2. Diseases, both disabling and fatal 3. Loss of financial security through job losses 4. Loss of retirement savings. These are fears that will negatively affect the Hoosier population and may threaten their safety in numerous and unforeseen ways.

Sylvia Savage, Greenville

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