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Democrats ‘drunk with illogical facts’

A week or so ago a letter to the editor that filled up most of the page was in this newspaper. About two or three paragraphs into the letter the guy said the New York Post was counting all of Trump’s lies. He said the current count was over 20,000.

I thought if I go to the confessional and announce to the priest that I had told over 20,000 lies over the past three to four years he would have told me that is ridiculous and to get out of his confessional.

So I read three paragraphs of the Editorial and read no further.

The Democrats are drunk with illogical facts. They’ve taken their party to the most divisive and mean party since the Civil War when a large portion of that party preached slavery from every rooftop.

Greg Jones, Jeffersonville

Writer has different take on politics

This is a response to the Sept. 17 letter, “Put country first when voting” by Anya Lovell.

You commented that the Democrats and media (Fox News?) are “… digging for dirt on Trump …”. Actually, they don’t have to; he is providing it for them.

Concerning the media (Fox News?) “… slinging mud …” and “… anything new they can get on Trump even if it is not proved to be true,” they are using his quotes and interviewing people knowledgeable in the field Trump is talking about; how is this not proving to be true?

I did not understand the following; “The fake photo op in Wisconsin. Politicians think people are so stupid.” This was in the same paragraph where you criticize Biden and Harris and your first statement actually criticizes Trump. The picture of this visit from the Sept. 02 “The Guardian” issue shows everyone wearing a mask; except Trump of course.

Concerning your criticism of Biden’s age, I remind you that Biden is only 3.619178082… years older than Trump and Biden has about 44 years of federal political experience and Trump has about 4.

“… but I hope people vote for what they think is best for our country and put personal feelings aside,” and we certainly agree here.

Larry E. Farr, Jeffersonville

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