Letters to the Editor

Keep proven leader Gardenour on school board

In a presidential election year, there is a tendency to focus on the races at the federal level and lose sight of the city and county races that are down ballot. These races have a significant impact on our communities and our daily lives. This year there are three open positions on the NAFC School Board; Rebecca Gardenour is seeking re-election to the District 4 seat. She has served on the school board since 2004 and has consistently been a voice of reason on the board. She seeks input from teachers, parents, and taxpayers regarding key issues. Her background as a social worker gives her a unique perspective on the needs of the students. I have known her for over 25 years and can say unequivocally that she is dedicated to serving all stakeholders in the school system. You will never have to question her ethics.

Becky has achieved Master School Board Member status by the Indiana School Board Association. She is currently the 2nd Vice President of the Indiana School Board Association (ISBA), previously serving as Region 10 Director. This is the first time any school board member from Floyd County has held these positions. The governor of Indiana appointed Becky to the Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission, which has been meeting for over a year. Her insight and dedication are respected at the state level as well as the local level.

What I appreciate most about Becky is that she does her research and isn’t timid about asking difficult questions. She has faced opposition on the board because she has been unafraid to question the legality and efficacy of various proposals. She will help hold the administration accountable to the taxpayers regarding expenditures, will advocate for increases in teacher pay, and will advocate for changes in the law regarding tax increment funding (TIFs) to provide additional funding for much-needed projects.

Over the years, her service and dedication to Floyd County have been outstanding. We need her voice on the school board for another four years.

Diane S. Reid, New Albany

Vote for Clayton, a man who leads by example

The union members of Greater Clark Service Association are thrilled to endorse Milt Clayton.

Milt Clayton brings over 41 years of qualifications, perspectives, dedication and the much needed diversity in leadership for the board of the Greater Clark County School District.

As Superintendent of Transportation for GCCS, here’s what some of his former employees had to say, “Mr. Clayton knew all the routes and could drive them.” One remembered Mr. Clayton driving the school bus in his suit. A couple of drivers recalled when they had trouble balancing family and working two jobs, Mr. Clayton met them at the beginning of their routes and drove their cars back to the lot.

Milt Clayton also served as the youngest principal in the area. Here’s what a former student had to say: “He was always encouraging and pushing us to succeed. He was the best!”

Milt Clayton brings a unique set of skills and values to the board. Today’s endorsement is a meaningful move in the support of our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

He has never lost his passion in caring for our children or his vision for our community. Milt Clayton has just the varied and seasoned background needed to strengthen our board membership.

Kim Harris, GCSA President, Jeffersonville

Higbie has earned respect of teachers, parents

A well-deserved endorsement for Jenny!

I met Jenny when we moved to Indiana around 11 years ago. She helped welcome our children to the Grant Line Yellowjacket family. Since then, I’ve witnessed her pour her entire being into serving the children and employees of NAFCS. She is an inspirational leader who has provoked many around her to do their part.

As a board member, Jenny has continued serving our community with the highest degree of excellence. She is someone both teachers and parents respect. I’ve called on her many times with questions and concerns. She has always gone above and beyond to address them.

Our board needs someone who is a proven leader and a parent of children who are currently students of our schools. She has invaluable first hand “boots on the ground” knowledge of how well our schools are serving our children. I strongly encourage everyone to vote for Jenny Higbie.

Andy Weedman, Sellersburg

Water leak on Ridgeway Avenue still not repaired

Your Oct. 1 story said the Indiana American Water Co. has begun work on a water main replacement in the Silver Hills neighborhood in New Albany. Unfortunately the company has not found the time, money or need to repair an open water leak that has been plaguing residents of Ridgeway Avenue for two years.

After its first check in October of 2018, the company denied that the water on the street was from its system. Months later, the company again excavated the street and did more tests. Finally in April of this year, it dug a third hole and made repairs. The street was dry for about six weeks. Then the water returned and it continues to flow.

The story quoted a company official saying American Water is “committed to the local environment.” That commitment apparently doesn’t include the mud and mosquito swamp in the surrounding neighborhood that is being ignored.

Ric Manning, New Albany

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