Jeff citizens 'getting milked'

With the Jeffersonville Mayor’s and Council elections coming up next month, there are several issues and topics I want to address. These issues and topics are all in my opinion.

Topic 1: Mike Moore made the remark about the new school in downtown. “If you don’t like it move out or vote me out.” Now is your chance. The school wasn’t needed. It is located right beside the jail where inmates are coming and going all hours of the day. Also there is the issue of parking. With the Courthouse also being right beside it, where are parents going to park when there are programs or home ball games? You can’t find a parking place there now when you need to go to the Courthouse. Here is a Mayor that is supposed to be for the people of Jeffersonville. If you don’t like what “he” wants then move out! Instead, let’s all take the opportunity to do his suggestion, vote him out!

Topic 2: The man that was arrested because of Zumba exercise classes music was too loud. This man couldn’t eat his dinner because his plate was bouncing around with the loud music. He walker over to the class and asked them to turn the music down. When they would not, he tried to turn the volume down but was stopped by “You know who” was there taking the class. The police was called and the man got arrested. It was very shameful what was done to that man.

Topic 3: In my opinion the City of Jeffersonville and Clark County need a forensic audit from A to Z for all expenses, credit cards, trips, fuel, and any political money spent. I think it is needed. I think there is money being spent that shouldn’t be spent, and the taxpayers are going to suffer for the management of money by this administration

Topic 4: After seven years a lot of paved streets are being done just before election time. What a joke! Pretty fishy! Why weren’t they done before now?

Topic 5: Citizens voting in this election have a chance to get rid of this present political clique and City Hall from top to bottom and any politicians that support him. This is America the last time I checked not some socialist government. This present administration would do well in dairy farming because the citizens of Jeffersonville are getting milked.

Good luck Tom Galligan and Donnie Croft in this election next month. This is straight from the heart, no-brainier just plain and simple. And this ain’t fake news.




Scott Hawkins a great public servant

With Chapel Lake Park nearing completion I am reminded of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” This is exactly what my friend Scott Hawkins has done while serving on the Jeffersonville City Council and leading projects like Chapel Lake Park.

I have known Scott Hawkins going on 30 years. I am privileged to call him one of my dearest friends. We have been friends since we were kids. We went to college together, were in each other’s weddings, watched as the other had kids of our own, and now we are seeing those kids off to college and careers.

Everything that Scott has ever done he has done with enthusiasm and proficiency. Whether it is skiing, hogging the basketball at the Y, teaching the students of Jeffersonville High School, or serving the city where he was raised as a City Councilman, he does it with passion and skill. As someone who knows him personally and better than most, I encourage the people of Jeffersonville to re-elect City Councilman Scott Hawkins come Nov. 5. He has done an outstanding job on the City Council and will continue to do so in his next term.




Al Knable is a proven leader

I encourage all citizens of New Albany to vote to re-elect Al Knable for City Council At-Large. Doctor, Air Force veteran, husband, father, New Albany native, compassionate and hard-working are a just a few of the many accolades and qualities Al possesses that make him a great Council person.

A few of Al’s accomplishments while serving New Albany include his work on: common sense rental registration; updates on our noise, litter and zoning ordinances; revitalization of our Human Rights Commission; authoring a resolution in support of Hate Crimes Legislation; and most recently writing a resolution and working hard to keep the Sherman Minton Bridge open during repairs.

As you can see, New Albany has benefited tremendously by Al’s presence on the Council and will continue to do so. It is without reservation that I fully endorse and encourage your vote for Al Knable.


New Albany

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