Improvement of parks why Gahan deserves re-election as mayor

As a resident of our city, I utilize the park system regularly and am impressed with how well they are maintained and the amenities we now have following some of the improvements Mayor Gahan and his administration have implemented. I also appreciate the way that the staff and volunteers interact with the kids and other users.

I always enjoy seeing other residents at the parks, including children and other young adults enjoying soccer, basketball, or other sports. The new indoor sportsplex at Silver Street Park was a much-needed addition for our city and allows us to have indoor events and competitions throughout the year.

The numerous events offered by our park system are also a true asset to our city. These activities help provide physical activity for our residents, give us the opportunity to come together as a community, and make our city a better place to live.

As long as the parks stay in great shape and the staff are this friendly, Mayor Gahan and his team have my vote. I urge my fellow citizens to join me in supporting him.


New Albany


Reader liked history notes

Being a fairly longtime subscriber, I enjoy reading the News and Tribune. I was curious as to why the small history articles (1 year, 5 years ago, etc.) were not in the print anymore. I found the small articles enjoyable to read. Please consider printing them again, thank you.



EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for inquiring about the Today in History feature. We used to publish it, but space is more limited these days. We'll consider opportunities to reintroduce the feature.

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