Letters to the Editor

Smoke and mirrors on education funding

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” the Wizard says to Dorothy as Toto reveals him spinning wheels and screaming into a mic. The House Supermajority is doing exactly that as the Indiana General Assembly returns on Jan. 6. In this case, Dorothy is Superintendent Dr. Jennifer McCormick as she calls out their hypocrisy and questions their intent.

These leaders claim that local school boards and administrators are at fault for misusing or hiding funds that the House has sent them. They would like to distract the local communities and educators from the fact that they have not invested in public education adequately to keep up with our neighbors.

Facts are hard to deny. Public schools use an average of 11 percent of their funds for administrative costs. Charters use 25 percent and private schools taking vouchers, well we will never know. In the last decade they have added 2,200 regulations to K-12 law in Title 20 code forcing the schools to add enforcement officers and coaches. Overall administrative numbers are actually down 29-46 percent statewide.

The public should not be distracted by the con men. Pay attention to the real problems and who is the cause.




Respect God's name

Is the second commandment still in effect? If so, why do I hear and read the name of God used as an exclamation? Some pray the “Our Father” and say “hollowed be thy name” and then use this “hallowed” name in a disrespectful way.

I have very nearly quit watching TV because of the standard “Oh, my God.” The host/hostesses on TV use it as well as the participants. People I used to enjoy watching are no longer on my screen.

Teachers and parents use it freely so the children follow. Please consider this disrespect for the name of God and try “my goodness” or something else. Get it off your phones and iPads, remove “omg” from your vocabulary and begin to respect my God. How about this for a New Year’s resolution! Definitely my opinion!



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