Letters to the Editor

Support for one another during the pandemic inspirational

As challenging as this pandemic has been for our world, it is refreshing to hear how people and communities come together and step up to do good in the midst of these surreal times. Hearing the stories of how people are working together to make sure everyone is safe, those hungry have access to food, and essential workers are being supported has been a bright spot in the midst of a dark time.

Cities, counties, and philanthropic organizations are working together to support small businesses and charitable organizations in many ways. These businesses and organizations contribute to the culture of our community and help make southern Indiana the wonderful place it is to live.

The teamwork behind the Caesars Foundation Small Business loan initiatives has allowed us as a community to react quickly and get much needed funds to help business owners survive the crisis. In a very short amount of time, $976,000 was raised, applications reviewed, and funds deposited in the accounts of small businesses to help ensure that our quality of place will be intact once this pandemic is past.

Much gratitude goes to the Caesars Foundation Board and Small Business loan committee, Blue Sky Foundation, One Southern Indiana, Ogle Foundation, Community Foundation, Floyd County and Clark County Governments, City of New Albany, Metro United Way, Duke Energy, and individual donors for all they have done to make these initiatives a success.

There are so many other examples of how our community is stepping up as we battle COVID-19. It is inspiring what can be accomplished when we work together for the common good.

Jerry Finn, executive director Caesars Foundation of Floyd County

Brewer would work for the betterment of all Clark County residents

Now more than ever, we need someone in office who will promote and pursue private and public partnerships to benefit Clark County, who will demand accountability from those requesting your tax dollars, and who will look at the long game. This councilperson has to ask where does Clark County want and need to be in the future and how do we accomplish those goals.

Ms. Brewer has the tools to do that job. Due to her position as a Jeffersonville Township Trustee Board Member, she knows of the needs of the most vulnerable in our population and how the funds to serve that population must be carefully managed and appropriated. As a county councilperson, she will be charged with appropriating funds for the betterment of all Clark County residents.

As an educator and a mother of young children, Ms. Brewer has always had a personal interest in ensuring that Clark County is healthy, for her family and yours; an interest and passion that she will bring to this position.

Clark County needs strong leadership in order to face our current challenges and plan for our future.

Brandy Brewer will offer that leadership and expertise; therefore, she has my vote.

Deborah K. Henderson, Jeffersonville

Turn to God for reassurance and peace during this difficult time

I know that we are some 60-plus days into this whole cv thing. It is difficult, because we do not know when the end is. Many trials in life, we know when the end will be, but with this cv stuff and the response, we just are not sure. This is a marathon, not a sprint, unfortunately.

We need to continue to persevere, to be up to the challenge. In James 1:12, it says that blessed is the man who remains unwavering under trial, will receive the crown of life. In Galatians 6:9, we are told that we should not grow weary in doing good, for we will reap the benefit at the right time. In fact, when we are in Christ, it tells us that we should count it as joy, when we meet trials, because it produces perseverance, James 1:2-3. We are to seek the Lord and His strength and seek His presence continually 1 Chronicles 16:11. That is how we are able to survive and continue to do the right thing.

Thus, if we are relying on the Lord God and through Jesus, then we know that we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, Romans 5:1-2. That makes perfect sense because Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). Jesus himself tells us in John 14:27 — that the peace I leave with you, is not as the world gives you. So, do not let your hearts be troubled.

I know it is difficult. We all have things we want to do. But rely on the Lord and do the right thing. If you have never looked into the God of the Bible, now is a good time to do so, while you have time.

Mitch Harlan, Jeffersonville

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