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Questions foster self-care

I have been a board member of LifeSpring for many years. It was begun in the early 1960s and I believe was named the Southern Indiana Council on Mental Health and Guidance and was hosted as a program in the Clark County Memorial Hospital.

Times have changed. Today we are a multifaceted health provider which serves 11 counties from Madison to Rockport. We also deal with more than mental health. Today we have set up primary care facilities and mobile clinics in many of the counties, which allows us to give treatment for conditions not related to mental health. We also deal with children. These services are not dependent on the ability of the recipient to pay.

Our group is diversified. We created a Foundation a few years ago that is active and includes many individuals who may or may not have served on the Board of LifeSpring. We meet on a regular basis and during the pandemic, we became painfully aware of the difficulty of the geographical distances in the service area and meet with both local and with Zoom.

As we meet virtually, I have an ice breaker to open the meeting that I would like to share.


As we open our meeting, I assume that all mentally sound people are suffering from depression. We have had a rotten 2020, with pandemic restrictions. We have had a miserable time in changing our national leadership with a total disregard for democratic policies and transition from one leader to another. Our finances are all challenged. We are forced to be separated from the ones we love. For myself, I have shut down over 40 years of law practice and had both shoulders replaced and still in transition from home health care to normal. I still am not allowed to drive a car. OK, I am depressed.

I assume that each of you has similar issues you are dealing with.

As we open, let’s see if we can assist each other by addressing the same question.

1. When you are at home and unable to leave the nest, what do you do to keep yourself focused?

2. How are you keeping your health solid?

3. What do you do to feel better about yourself?

John R. “Jack” Vissing, chairman of the LifeSpring Foundation of Indiana

Roundabout a poor choice

The construction of a roundabout at the intersection of CR 403 and Stacy Road cannot be justified on cost or traffic. If either of these were factors at the CR 403 and Salem-Noble intersection, they would not have put in turn lanes and traffic lights.

The only reason that they elected a roundabout is to use the one acre lot at the corner. When Ashley Springs was platted, almost 20 years ago, that acre was zoned Commercial with the intent of selling it and having a Convenience store or similar activity built on it.

With similar businesses within four miles either way, it has not been sold and is basically a “white elephant” looking for a home. Being owned by a politically prominent family, they sought ideas to dispose of it and still make money. The roundabout is the fruit of that search and now we taxpayers are stuck with the bill for one acre of commercial property that basically has no other use.

Michael Baugh, Charlestown

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