Letters to the Editor

Change starts with voting

I would just like to make a push for millenials to get out and vote this election. I know that we all make comments that we don’t like politics nor care about the outcome, but at the end of the day elections, specifically our local elections, matter more than any other election. These local races have more of a direct impact than any Trump tweet or liberal socialist claim on our everyday lives.

Regardless of political affiliation, liberal, conservative, whatever, please go out and vote. It’s important. If we don’t begin to get involved and excited about our opportunity to change our city, we may never do it. It’s our duty as citizens to vote in those we see best suited to run our community.


New Albany


Trash trouble at mailboxes

I am at the end of my rope with Ecotech who collects the garbage and recycling in New Albany. I have repeatedly complained to Ecotech, by phone and email. It doesn’t help.

The employees repeatedly place my empty garbage can and my neighbors’ in front of our mailboxes or in our driveways. I have seen the mailman push my can and others out of his way with his vehicle to be able to deliver mail.

I have complained to Ecotech since 2016. I have spoken to Bryan Slade, president of Ecotech. He assures me each time he will take care of it. It doesn’t last long. On July 26, they placed our empty can in front of my driveway. When I came home, I had to get out of my car to move it before I could pull in! Aug. 2, my can was placed back where they found it, but our 2 neighbors across the street had their cans placed in front of their mailboxes! Ecotech responded: I will speak with the driver’s supervisor regarding this issue.

Well, all of this complaining only made matters worse the following Friday, Aug. 9. My street only has 14 houses on it. I took photos of the cans that were in front of mailboxes. Out of 14 homes, 7 had their cans grossly in the wrong place! It happens in our entire neighborhood.

Aug. 9 [I sent] a letter directly written to Bryan Slade with a copy sent to Mayor Gahan. I recommended Mayor Gahan to cancel the contract with Ecotech. I also attached photos and previous emails to show evidence of the unacceptable service New Albany is receiving from Ecotech.

I did receive a phone call and letter from Bryan Slade. He informed me he had met with his New Albany Transportation Manager, Jamie Hardin, and his Vice President, Bobby Lee, to make certain my concerns will be immediately corrected. He gave me Jamie Hardin’s cell number in case I ever had any issues again.

Well, they did pretty good for the next several weeks. Oct. 11, they were at it again. I sent a text with pictures of 3 garbage cans on my street sitting in front of their mailboxes to Jamie Hardin as I had been instructed to do if there were any additional problems. He never called back.

It has happened 3 Fridays in a row now, Oct. 11, Oct.18, Oct. 25. I have photographs for proof.

I shouldn’t have to do their work to make sure they do their job correctly. Mayor Gahan has a testimonial posted on the Ecotech website. “We have enjoyed an excellent relationship. Our expectations are significant and Ecotech meets or exceeds those expectations. They are easy to do business with and we highly recommend them.” I am sure they have broken their contract agreement many times!

New Albany residents deserve better service than this. Also, has anyone else noticed our recycling is being picked up by a regular garbage truck?


New Albany

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