Letters to the Editor

Healthy students strengthen families

Dear Floyd County Readers:

I humbly ask for your support for the Safety Referendum endorsed by the NAFCS School Board. Educators are responsible for the whole child, ensuring their physical, psychological and emotional safety so they can learn at full capacity. The referendum allows us to better serve our students in each of these fundamental ways.

This referendum will focus more on the human aspect of school safety. One of the many things this revenue will do is help fund additional mental health support and better access to social services. We presently have one mental health specialist on Floyd Central’s campus daily and share a social worker with another school in the district. After only a short period of time, both of these individuals are at capacity and have a waiting list. They have had a tremendous impact on our school environment. With another individual in this role, we could affect even more change.

I have a bias for Floyd Central. Not only am I principal, but I’m a graduate. My sons attended FCHS, and one of them graduates this year. I have a personal and professional desire to see Floyd Central succeed. However, more than that, I am a Floyd County resident, born and bred. Our community is strengthened by each of its schools and no one building is more important than any other. We are greater than the sum of each of these parts. Increased revenue from the referendum will benefit each of our schools and the students within them.

If we are able to enhance the mental, physical, and intellectual health of the students in our corporation, that benefit will have a trickle effect that benefits their families. That kind of outreach serves to make the lives of everyone in our community better. Raising children does not happen in a vacuum. Schools, families, social service agencies, and medical professionals can streamline our efforts, working even better together as we strive to build the safest possible environments for the children we love. Supporting the upcoming referendum is a solid step toward helping us do just that.

These interventions WILL help students. Scientific research tells us that. There is no question that addressing the mental health of students is daunting. To say otherwise would be foolish. However, to do nothing when research supports the measures we will take would be even more so.

Rob Willman, Ph.D, Floyds Knobs

NAFCS poised to help students restart

As our community continues to maneuver through the unknown waters of educating students during a pandemic, I stop and reflect on how far we have come in such a short amount of time. Our educators amaze me with their ingenuity, use of technology and the lengths they have gone to provide for our students. Without the ability to physically see their students every day, our teams continue to check in on and ensure student well-being, provide meals and meet the needs of our students during this crisis.

While we await the fate of the upcoming school year and theories of what it may look like circulate, I confess to having some anxiety regarding this uncertainty. However, I am reassured by the current access of mental health resources our students receive in the NAFCS district. Maintaining these services makes this referendum imperative. The national and state governments continue to roll out programs to provide mental health resources for individuals and families; however, these come with huge barriers and lack of access for many. The referendum ensures our schools are equipped on the front lines with the necessary and vital resources for years to come.

While many of us feel overwhelmed at home with life adjustments and hardships during this pandemic, our voices MUST be heard. When school resumes next year our teachers’/administrators’ mission will be even more involved than ever before. Typical responsibilities will resume, but we will also be reintroducing students to the new norm of school. NAFCS is in a perfect position to ensure the social-emotional needs of our students are met. The ground work has been laid, the plan is ready for execution to safeguard our students.

Many of us have asked the question “How can we help?” over the last six weeks. This. This is how you can help. You can invest in mental health and safety of ALL students in your community. You can ensure the resources are within reach. This community has demonstrated its concern for the well-being of others by observing shelter-in-place directives, sewing masks, donating sanitizer, checking on neighbors, promoting and supporting small businesses. Now it’s your turn to help our students and staff as we begin to look toward the mental health and safety in our schools. You need to vote YES! Your community needs you.

A proud parent and NAFCS employee.

Nicole Warren, Floyd County

Go elsewhere if you don’t like rules

Say what you want about laws all these so called governors are dictating to us — masks, gloves, 6 foot barriers, closing certain stores, closing restaurants, and on and on. But in fact the governors cannot make laws. Only the state legislature can make state laws. All the governors can do is to make suggestions. If you go into a restaurant or store that is a privately owned business and he or she owner says that you have to wear a mask if you want to shop or eat there, he or she can do that, but you don’t have to wear a mask by law. So you can go and shop and eat somewhere else that doesn’t adhere to so called laws that aren’t there. So just be sheep who wears a worthless mask, and gloves, but walks in the stores with sandals and flip flops on exposing your feet to the virus on the floor. Newton’s law. That’ll do it...

John Lallemand, Dada City, Fla. (Formerly of New Albany)

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