Writer questions if two judges qualified to judge others

Judges Jacobs and Adams used poor judgment or perhaps no judgment while bar hopping and attempting to enter a Gentleman’s Club — a strip joint — at 3:20 in the morning. I wonder if their lapse in good judgment is evident as they sit in judgment on others seeking to adjudicate the behavior of others and to reach a judicious decision. They are required to be judgmental, seeking justice and proper judgment for those who can’t seem to be judicious in their daily living.

These two judges were not very judicial and did not display proper judgment in their own lives. I wonder if they are qualified to judge others. If I am ever assigned to their courts, I will ask for a change of venue to perhaps Belize.


New Albany


Flood issues go unaddressed

It is election time. Our mayor is busy having streets paved, putting in sidewalks (many unnecessary), making big promises for the future (with monies unavailable) and patting himself on the back for all he has done for the people in our community.

In his recent political brochure he stated, "he takes flood protection very seriously" and that "in the last five years action has been taken to prevent flooding." All of these promises are to make him appear to be putting the people first. Does he really care that personal properties flood from heavy rains due to no detention ponds? Try calling his office if you have a serious problem. He does not return calls. Try working with the flood control director and witness this young man's arrogance and sarcasm. This young man is in charge of major problems the city has never been able to correct!

That is my issue. Drive by my home at 1734 Klerner Lane during a heavy storm and watch the swift waters cover my land (on one occasion it came within 18 inches of getting into an above ground pool). View the huge storm drains the city put in under Klerner Lane to carry water faster into my property from surrounding subdivisions and concrete walls the city installed in the creeks behind these homes to carry the water faster since the city did not install retention ponds.

Lastly, view the debris left behind when the water recedes. My property is the retention pond from Charlestown Road to Mount Tabor Road.

When my current mayor was a councilman, he walked my creeks with me and agreed the city needed to keep them cleaned, but it never happened. The flood control director, his son-in-law, said he has told his men to only pick up debris they see from the street.

My property (creeks) go back 600 feet from the street and the overgrowth hides the debris and cannot be seen from the street. We are 80 years old and can no longer do the work for them that we have done for 40 years — work that makes water flow faster. This same director said they do not remove trees and refuses to bring rock to prevent the water from eroding the base of the trees that eventually fall into the creek and block the flow of the water, thus flooding our property.

The director calls this water the natural flow. Those huge storm drains and the concrete walls are definitely not natural!!

To add to our problem, a second major creek flows behind our home and joins the other creeks creating a huge flood not seen from the street. I have appeared before the Board on several occasions and was later told my photos and pleas went to the garbage.

Again I ask you, does our current mayor really put the people first? Please do not put this man and his family and friends in office for another term.


New Albany

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