Letters to the Editor

Retiring doctor extends thanks

Dear Southern Indiana communities:

Unbelievably, I am now at the point of retirement from active medical practice after 37 years. It sounds trite, but looking back, it has all gone by so rapidly, and many of the memories are so vivid, even to individual days and events. (Of course, I don't remember everything!) It has been a great honor to serve Floyd, Clark, Harrison, Crawford, Washington, Scott, and even Jefferson County/Kentucky communities all these years as a family physician. To participate in the health and well-being of so many individuals has been incredibly rewarding. I have to admit that my obstetrical and pediatric practices have been especially fulfilling, with the opportunity to assist mothers in the delivery of their newborns and being at the start of over 2,000 individual journeys, and following their growth and development over time. Of course, I am also grateful to have worked with so many young and older adults, contributing to your overall health and well-being in some small way. (I have even adopted a few honorary parents after the passing of my own). Hopefully you have all felt some of the love I have for you as patients and friends.

Medicine has suited me well. It has been so much more than just an occupation or even profession. It has been a true vocation. It has been the fulfillment of my God-given talents and abilities, as well as the ultimate sharing of my mind and heart. I have never stopped learning. I have never stopped loving what I do. Sadly, my own health concerns have diminished my ability to deal with 60-80 hour work weeks with not enough sleep, exercise, proper nutrition, or stress relief. I hate to be so selfish at this point, but I have a lot of other things to accomplish with my life before it's time for the ultimate rest. I hope and pray that every other health-care provider, teacher, homemaker, policeman/woman, firefighter, service worker, laborer and all others get to feel at least half the fulfillment and pure joy that I have experienced as a physician.

So it's on to growing in my faith, family, fishing, home improvement, gardening, traveling, reading, writing, medical missions, and whatever else the journey leads me to. Time for Book II (or is it III, IV, V? ) of my life. I even have my 47th high school class reunion this weekend to remind me just how old I really am!

Thank all of you for the relationships, friendships, and the opportunity to make a positive difference in your lives all these years. I consider it a great blessing to have served each one of you. I hope to see you at the ball field, gym, street, grocery or at the mall.

God bless each one of you with much health and happiness always.




Elect Hodges, Dems for council

I live in the Pleasant Ridge subdivision in Charlestown. I own my home debt-free. Like most of my neighbors, I have lived in fear for the past five years. Our worst nightmare is that Bob Hall will be re-elected as mayor. If that happens, and if he has a majority of City Council members supporting him, we could lose our homes because Mayor Hall’s intent to use eminent domain.

Hall and his supporters are trying to convince people that he isn’t going to do that. I know better, because I have read the evidence that is part of the federal lawsuit in which Bob Hall is a defendant. On July 6, 2016, Hall and the city attorney met with a representative of private developer John Neace. In that meeting, they discussed how the city could use eminent domain to buy our homes at a lower cost after the neighborhood was trashed by Mr. Neace’s boarded-up houses.

Our only protection against this happening is to vote Bob Hall out of office. He has consistently said that every home in Pleasant Ridge must be demolished, in order for it to be “redeveloped.” Charlestown voters, please, please think long and hard about such a plan. If purchasing private property for resale to a private developer is how Bob Hall is allowed to operate, then no home is safe.

I urge you to vote for Treva Hodges, and the Democratic candidates for City Council.



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