Letters to the Editor

Believe people when they show you who they are

Another open letter to the residents of the Quad: Clarksville, Jeffersonville, New Albany and Louisville, KY. Again, it’s hard to distinguish the boundaries within the KYANA region: work, play, shop, eat, medical, education, church and activities!

When good men do nothing evil prevails . . . Initially, KY’s State Attorney General (Daniel Cameron) announced that the grand jury did not indict the three policemen on murder charges in the Breonna Taylor case. Yet, it wasn’t until a juror’s conscience compelled him to hire an attorney to speak the truth about what Cameron was saying about them! He revealed a very important “secret”: the AG didn’t file murder charges!

There is a saying: when a person shows you who they really are the FIRST time, believe them. So, does this make the AG a liar: deception by omission. Moreover, what does this do to the people who TRUSTED in his office: “Gate Keeper” to justice to perform an independent, thorough and honest investigation?

However, this isn’t the worst part of the story. I looked around to see if any other wo/men (AGs, lawyers, prosecutors, judges) would condemn his actions. But, it seems they were all condoning his actions. So, are these normal practices and we just didn’t know about them?

You are probably saying, that’s in KY! Okay, IN!!!

So, there’s an incident that stirs my memory: the closing of Spring Hill and Maple Elementary schools to build the new elementary school in downtown JEFF. Reportedly, the most important deciding factor: attendance! It had dropped considerately in the few years prior to the decision to close them. However, there was a secret or omission that happened: the JEFF Housing Authority had a freeze on the apartments! Families couldn’t move into them, so they sat empty for years. Resultantly and naturally, attendance for these two schools dropped. Was this also another case of deception by omission? Unfortunately, no person’s conscience bothered them like the juror in the grand jury investigation: silence.

So, I say, if men show you who they are (appearances can be deceiving) believe them! Moreover, STOP voting for people based on their color, race, ethnicity, gender, sex, or religion, even school affiliation. Base it upon what they do or show you: CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER: ethics, integrity, honesty . . . being fair and just!

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat!

Cheryl Herth, Clarksville

Debate moderator Wallace was only doing his job

This is in response to John Krueger’s Oct. 7 letter, “Trump had two opponents in debate.”

I don’t understand your criticism of Chris Wallace, who you state “… was an opponent for President Trump as much as Joe Biden was.” After all, Chris is a Fox TV News Anchor and “Fox News consumers tend to have an especially positive view of the president …” (pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/04/08)

Why would he deliberately pick debate topics that “… were issues that the media have comprehensively engineered against President Trump …”? You admit President Trump was “… constantly interrupting …” and then criticize Chris, who you say interrupted President Trump 67 times, for doing his job? I don’t understand your statement that Trump “… while being interruptive, was never disrespectful.” If I interrupt someone, then aren’t I being disrespectful to them?

I’m not writing to defend Biden’s name calling and treating Trump disrespectful at times. However, your letter, overall, is contrasting Trump as a saint as compared to Biden and the evidence supports just the opposite.

“Joe Biden did not answer a single question or respond with a substantive or complete answer and many were not even true.” I guess, Mr. Krueger, since you stated this, without any evidence, we are just suppose to believe that it is true, right?

You mentioned “Trump tried many times to insert many of the topics relevant to his successes, but he was interrupted by …” If Trump was introducing topics that were not chosen in advance before the debate, then shouldn’t he have been interrupted?

It is true that Telemundo poll said 66 percent of Spanish-speaking Americans did say Trump won the debate. It is also true that this was not a scientific survey but a real-time online poll among twitter users. (newsweek.com/09/30/20)

Finally, concerning Robert Johnson’s comment, … ‘”I’ll support the devil I know versus the devil I don’t know,”’ stopping just short of endorsing Trump since Joe Biden has no economic plan.” I suggest both of you spend some time on the internet and research Joe Biden’s economic plan. Also, Robert Johnson said, “What I had hoped he (Biden) would do would be a reasonable, relaxed balance, if you will, in a debate where he would talk about specific policies, particularly as it impacts Black Americans.” Gee, I wonder what prevented him from doing this? (cnbc.com/2020/09/30)

Larry E. Farr, Jeffersonville

Judge candidate Moore is experienced, hard working

I am writing today to urge voters to support Dan Moore for Circuit Court 1 Judge. I have known Dan and his wonderful family for many years. He is a knowledgeable attorney combined with compassion and experience that will serve our community well. He is dedicated to a hard work ethic as a public servant and he will keep our community safe. Thank you!

Susan Monihon, Charlestown

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