Letters to the Editor

Newspaper a forum for many views

I am a subscriber to the News and Tribune and lately have noticed some fellow subscribers canceling the paper or at least threatening that action. This demands some reflection. You don’t have to agree with opinions expressed by the editors or contributors here, but our society is weakened when one does not.

Before the mass media of television and the internet we were a society that was built on the free press and the exchange of ideas considered there. Even in the early days of our republic, we met on the streets and agreed or disagreed on topics of the day. The freedom of this open exchange allowed us to make policy and order our society on the expressed needs of all. Therefore, America thrives for all. We weren’t allowed to in many of the countries from which we immigrated. This is our greatest celebration.

We must be careful to avoid the mistake of tribalism that surely dooms us all. Camps of people echoing each other’s thoughts until we become stuck without the fresh ideas two-sided discussion creates. We must talk, and more importantly, listen to each other. Let’s talk, and maybe we can avoid the weaponized stupidy our social media platforms have created. Think America, we are better than this.

Thanks, this reader will keep his subscription.




Billy Stewart a great public servant

Saddest news of last week was seeing that Billy Stewart is resigning his position as Floyd County Commissioner because of his private employment obligations/opportunities. A very big loss for Floyd County and VERY big shoes to fill.

I met Billy Stewart when he ran for office in Georgetown years ago. He was a star when he served the Town of Georgetown and successfully navigated the Town of Georgetown through many trials and tribulations as President of the Town Council. It was encouraging to see him transfer that drive and energy to serve Floyd County.

I wish Billy and his family well and hope that Floyd County can hang on to them as residents. They were Hurricane Katrina refugees/immigrants, and some of the finest people forced to relocate by the storm. Mississippi’s loss was Floyd County, Indiana’s gain. May they always find fair winds and following seas.



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