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Snyder’s words offer few referendum details

I have read and re-read Dr. Brad Snyder’s third offering in his three-part series (in N&T on 5/7/2020). This was to be the column to give the specifics of the NAFCS School Safety Plan if the referendum passes in the Primary Election.

The first 97 words of his essay give no specifics. The next 77 words state the safety plan will consist of two primary areas of school safety improvement, but only offer generalities where actual descriptions would be intensely interesting. There is no mention of estimated cost allocated for each feature.

The next 55 words say that two or three school resource officers will be added.

The next 64 words say that an “Office of School Safety” would be created. If our schools are already safe, as recently claimed by Dr. Brad Snyder and Assistant Superintendent Louis Jensen, these described responsibilities are already covered. The staffing and cost of this “Office of School Safety” are not given.

In the remaining 729 words we are offered some history, predictions and speculation and Dr. Snyder appears to complain that only the voters will decide this referendum issue.

If the referendum passes, the NAFC School Board and Dr. Snyder will decide where to spend the money. There isn’t anything binding in this third part of the three-part series that was supposed to tell us the specifics.

Dr. Snyder has been quoted as saying these safety issues are fluid. We must remember that pouring soap suds down a sink hole is also fluid, and vote NO on the NAFCS School Safety Referendum.

I will not vouch for the precision of my word counting.

With all due respect to Adam Dickey, chairman, Floyd County Democratic Party, I question the logic used in endorsing the NAFCS School Safety Referendum. To simply give the School Administration the money and hope for the best is not logical. The School Administration has provided the public with only one firm specific commitment that can be evaluated; that two or three School Resource Officers will be added.

Adam Dickey and the 120 member Central Committee don’t control the voting of all Democrats and should not attempt to make the school referendum a partisan political issue.

Democrats, and other voters, who want to know what they are getting for their taxes will vote NO on the referendum.

George Mouser, Floyds Knobs

Dan Moore works to get best results possible

I am writing this letter in support of Dan Moore for Judge of the Clark Circuit Court 1, but more importantly, I’d like to tell you the kind of man I know as Dan Moore.

My name is Beth Shockey and I have known Dan since he joined the law practice with my late brother, Bill Engebretson, in Clarksville. Dan and Bill became friends despite holding different political views; both were absolutely sure HIS views were the best! There were discussions on any topic and opinions were always very expressively exchanged — loudly, but always ended with a slap on the back, a hand shake, or a hardy laugh, with Bill saying, “See you later, Danna!” But no matter their differences, both men admired and respected each other, even if they didn’t always agree.

Over the years which followed, Dan and Bill remained friends and cohorts. In time, Dan showed his friendship and worth as a man I would be proud to vote for and call friend. Bill had battled Hodgkins Disease for decades. During his last surgery, before Bill was moved to his room from recovery, I noticed Dan dart through the halls of the hospital, enter Bill’s room, and finding he wasn’t there yet, then quickly left with a wave. What I found later was Dan had written a note on the back of his business card which said in so many words, “When you’re ready, I have an office for you to use, a law library, a secretary, and a group of attorneys who will help if and when you ever need us, Dan.” To the end, Dan was as good as his word.

What I have admired about Dan Moore is that he does his utmost to get the best results from anything he does. Dan does not follow the same old path others may take to just get by. He’s a problem-solver and is always seeking the best solutions to problems. He doesn’t see each person or situation the same as the last one. Dan wants to do the best for each individual to bring about a difference in a person’s life.

Isn’t that what we would like to see if we came before a judge? I know as a former teacher, you didn’t judge a student on what had happened the year before, or the scores on tests, because each student came with a way of learning and a different story.

Beth Shockey, New Albany

Moore has right mix of experience for judge

I am proud to support my friend and mentor Dan Moore for Clark County Judge this year. As a young attorney, Dan has taught me a lot about the legal profession. He has helped me gain new clients, taught me novel legal theories, and instructed me on how to make a persuasive argument.

Dan has a brilliant legal mind and has a terrific vision for how to use the courts to solve pressing problems, especially on how to tackle the opioid epidemic. Dan also wants to make our courts more accessible to working people by offering some evening court hearings, which he implemented when he previously held this position. I have full confidence that he will be a fair and impartial judge that will make decisions with integrity if elected.

Dan has served his community as a coach, parish council member, and board member of various non-profit organizations. As a former county attorney, former prosecutor, judge, and private practice attorney, he has the right mix of experience to preside over whatever cases he may hear. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Dan Moore for Clark Circuit Court 1 Judge!

Matthew Duncan, Jeffersonville

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