Letters to the Editor

GOP actions ‘consistent with historical precedent’

The news outlets are not reporting the history of nominations for the Supreme Court in an election year, so I am hopeful you will print this. In our history we have had a Supreme Court vacancy 29 times in a presidential election year or in a lame-duck session before the next presidential inauguration. All 29 times a nominee was put forward by the president. In 19 of those cases the same party held both the presidency and the senate. All but two of those nominees were confirmed. In 10 cases the presidency and the senate were of different parties. In 8 of those cases the nominee was rejected. The recent cases with the nominees (2016 and now) the Republicans have been consistent with historical precedent and the Democrats have been hysterical.

Frank Bowen, Charlestown

Becky Lang has experience to serve as county treasurer

I want to take this opportunity to let the people of Floyd County learn about the excellent candidate for Floyd County Treasurer. Becky Lang is that candidate.

Becky has worked in the Floyd County Treasurer’s Office for 23 years. I have known Becky for years. She worked for me for eight years while I was Treasurer of Floyd County. She was an excellent employee and very knowledgeable and is highly qualified to hold this office.

Becky has attended many Treasurer conferences over the years. She has kept the office up to date with the latest technology. Becky being Chief Deputy has the responsibility of keeping the cash book and the fund ledger. She also invests the taxpayers’ money that is collected. I know Becky Lang is the most knowledgeable and excellent candidate for Floyd County Treasurer.

I am asking the voters of Floyd County to please join me in voting for Becky Lang on Nov. 3.

Darlene McCoy, Floyd County

Andrew Adams ‘doing an outstanding job’ on the bench

I am writing this letter in support of Judge Andrew Adams for re-election to the seat for Judge, Clark Circuit Court #1.

Judge Adams proudly served four years in the United States Marine Corp. Prior to his enlistment in the Corp, Judge Adams, as did all veterans past and present, myself included, wrote a “blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to, and including their life.” All too often many of these checks were cashed.

I implore all registered voters in Clark County, especially all veterans, to stand and support our fellow veteran, by filling in Judge Adam’s space on your ballot.

Judge Adams made a stupid mistake while attending a conference in Indy. Like a man and a Marine, he stood up, admitted his mistake and paid his dues. This is in the past. It is time to look forward and not backward. He is now back on the bench and doing an outstanding job. I mention this only because his opponent and his followers are making sure the public is aware of this. They have not done this directly, but one can read between the lines in his advertisements. Let those who are without sin, cast the first stone.

Jim McCoskey, LCDR, USN (ret), Vietnam Veteran, Clarksville

Repetition of lies by Trump led to high number

I want to thank Greg Jones for his Sept. 23rd letter titled “Democrats ‘drunk with illogical facts.” He made a good point; over 20,000 lies in almost 4 years did seem to be “ridiculous” and I did not check out the actual lies. The over 20,000 number is correct; the confusion is how the lies are organized; they are not individual non-connecting lies.

On the internet, I asked, “Are the over 20,000 lies listed?” and selected the choice “theguardian.com” which actually took me to how the Washington Post data was collected. I selected “database” and found out how they got the “over 20,000” number; the same lies are grouped together. So, if he repeated the same lie 20 times, the 20 counts toward the 20,000 number. You are given the date of the first lie, the lie, the number of times the lie was repeated, the dates of repetition, the topic, the source and the fact check. At this point, Trump’s record is 360 times. So, education; it’s where its at. (it’s at.) (it is at.) (it is.) [Where’s my proofreader?]

Larry E. Farr, Jeffersonville

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