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Moore a good teacher of legal system

As I sat reading the paper this week, I have had it with the events of continued unrest in our cities, the “talking heads” promise news, but instead spit diatribes of venom about our country, its democratic principles, and system of government! What I have noticed is most of these critics have no idea about this republic, its Constitution and laws, and yet in their ignorance are eager to remove the very system which makes us great! Candidates who differ from another in their views and principles, argue the other is being political when in truth, that is why there are two parties in some cases multiple ones! WE HAVE A CHOICE!

Our system of courts is like no other. From the local courts to the state courts, candidates are voted on by US, the people. In the very volatile time it makes it important we make good choices. One such choice is Dan Moore for Circuit Court #1, a man I know, have written about earlier this year, and ask you to support again. And I will tell you why.

I once told him he should have been a teacher, to which he responded, “I am!” Dan has worked tirelessly to educate his constituents, but particularly the youth in Jeffersonville. He has been part of a program where adults come and read to students individually or in small groups at Wilson Elementary on a regular basis and talk about the stories. This gives many children the opportunity who may not have a parent or another adult the opportunity to sit and talk about the story. This helps the child have a better understanding of the story, which is so important in comprehension and story sequence.

In upper grades, Dan had a program called “Riding the Circuit.” It was a way to educate parents and students about the judicial system. The court proceedings held mock trials demonstrating the importance of making good choices in life. He is a firm believer that the legal system can be a prime vehicle to have conversations which urge good options for young people and their futures.

As I watched the proceedings for confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett, I was struck by her qualities of composure, knowledge, and integrity shown before her inquisitors as to what her job would be as a Justice to the Supreme Court. While some wanted her to share an opinion of what she would do, she explained many times that her decision would not be based on HER opinion, but the law. Aren’t those the qualities you want in a judge? Vote for Dan Moore, Circuit Court #1 on Nov. 3.

Beth Shockey, New Albany

River Ridge a team effort, despite Moore

Recently, a former county commissioner gave Dan Moore credit for River Ridge at the former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant. I was the Mayor of Jeffersonville at that time and want to set the record straight. Creating River Ridge was a team effort of the county commissioners, Congressman Lee Hamilton, state officials, Mayor Braswell of Charlestown, Glen Murphy of Utica, and me and my deputy Phil McCauley speaking for Jeffersonville. Moore almost cost us the project because of his inability to play team ball and his attempts to intimidate any stakeholders in the project other than the county commissioners.

Moore pushed for the county commissioners to appoint all the members of the River Ridge board, which would guarantee he would be appointed to the well-paying position of the board’s attorney. This was unacceptable to Jeffersonville, Utica, and Charlestown, who demanded a say in the development of land within or bordering our limits. I was also told by Congressman Hamilton’s aide Wayne Vance that the Congressman wanted the municipalities included in forming the board because of our greater experience in economic development. The Congressman’s representative asked me to lead in checking Moore’s attempt to pack the board because he knew I could not be bullied. Whenever I talked directly to a county commissioner, we seemed to make progress. But when they listened to Moore, they would back off reasonable solutions. In my opinion Moore sabotaged negotiations for his own agenda, forcing Utica Town Attorney Larry Wilder to file a lawsuit which Jeffersonville and Charlestown joined.

Congressman Hamilton insisted we get together and work out our differences. Even after we worked out a formula for how many appointments each unit would have, Moore then pushed the screwball argument that the commissioners should be able to veto all appointments made by the mayors and town board. This attempted last-minute switch would have defeated the purpose of the compromise. It showed disrespect for Jeffersonville, Charlestown and Utica, insulted our intelligence and threatened to blow up the deal. Throughout the negotiations his repeated attempts to steamroller other stakeholders threatened to undermine the whole process.

Eventually, River Ridge became a reality and Moore successfully maneuvered to briefly reap two paychecks by serving simultaneously as attorney for both the county commissioners and River Ridge. But soon the county commissioners and board members who backed Moore retired, were defeated or replaced. Moore lost his position as River Ridge attorney back in June of 2000 (and never regained it) because neither the new commissioners nor the new board wanted to keep him. Looks like they agreed with what I’ve said based on years of dealing with him, Dan Moore has done more damage to Clark County than the ’37 Flood.

The current board which has achieved so much should be praised for its teamwork and for rejecting the divisive and demeaning style of its long-ago attorney. I urge you to support Judge Adams for re-election. One mistake does not define a man. A lifetime of self-serving scheming does.

Tom Galligan, Jeffersonville

Return hard-working Higbie to board

Please join me in voting to re-elect Jenny Higbie to the NAFC School Board at large seat. Jenny is a highly involved parent of four students in our district in the 4th, 8th, 9th, & 11th grades, so she is aware of what goes on at every level. As a former teacher, she truly understands how hard educators work every day for students. Jenny is smart, articulate, and responsive to her constituents. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare for each meeting and goes above and beyond to consult with as many constituents as possible beforehand. During meetings, she is calm and professional and advocates fiercely for our children and teachers. Jenny Higbie is the bold voice on the New Albany Floyd County School Board that our children, teachers, and community needs. I urge everyone to support Jenny on election day!

Nicole Szoko, Sellersburg

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