Letters to the Editor

These folks deserve our thanks

I would like to thank the following groups for their dedication and service to our nation:

1. The United States military for protecting us from those nations and groups that would destroy our way of life.

2. The police of America at the federal, state and local levels who risk their lives to protect us from the “slugs and thugs” of our society.

3. The firefighters and the first responders who daily work to save all of us from accidents and disasters.

4. The medical professionals at all levels who strive to serve the sick and dying.

5. The people who work at grocery stores and drug stores who keep us supplied with food and medicine.

6. The truck, railroads, air cargo and ship operators who bring us the goods we need to survive as a nation.

7. The farmers and farm suppliers who ensure that we have the food we need for our everyday lives.

8. The teachers and educational institutions that work to make us a thinking society.

9. The American citizen who works and pays taxes to make our nation thrive.

10. The republican form of government that we honor based on the ideals of democracy.

11. The legal system which is best in the world.

12. The religions of all faiths that work to teach us to be loving and forgiving.

13. The business community, large and small, that creates the jobs for our society.

14. The small newspapers, radio and TV stations that give the news unlike the large newspapers and TV networks that invent the news to suit their prejudices.

15. The homeowners who keep their property nice, unlike some who feel they are the local landfill or city dump.

16. The political leaders of both parties who understand the word “compromise.” They are becoming fewer it would seem.

17. All the groups and individuals that I have forgotten who strive to make our nation better.

18. Finally, Communist China for giving the world the coronavirus and almost destroying the world economy….Really, how can we thank them enough? I personally do not plan on buying their products.

P.S. This is to the RWLs of our society. You cannot change history by destroying statues, private property, books or people. Most of you have never been anywhere, done anything or seen anything, but you think you know everything. I’m sure that learning history, learning how to work, learning how to respect others and learning how to be kind and forgiving will be tough, but give it a try.

L.W. Halter II, Jeffersonville, retired history teacher, retired U.S. Navy Captain

Increase funding for Medicaid

Reliable access to health care has never been more critical for cancer patients and survivors. Many cancer patients have compromised immune systems and are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 — but like so many across Indiana cancer patients and survivors are facing significant challenges accessing health care.

In a poll of more than 1,200 cancer patients and survivors from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, half of respondents said COVID-19 has impacted their health care, with the most common issue being delayed or cancelled care. And nearly 40 percent of those surveyed said COVID-19 is having a notable effect on their ability to afford their care. This is especially true of lower-income patients.

Our lawmakers should do everything in their power to help Indiana’s cancer community get the care they need. That’s why I’m asking our lawmakers to increase funding for Medicaid at the federal level in order to meet the rising demand created by COVID-19.

Medicaid is a vital safety net for lower income cancer patients and survivors who can’t afford private health insurance. But while some additional funding was granted as part of the Families First Act, governors from both parties agree more is needed.

Mary Kost, New Albany

Wednesday is Patsy Weber Day

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Floyd County Commissioners for honoring my cousin, Patsy Weber, for her 45 years of service to Rauch Industries. They presented her with a Proclamation naming Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020, as Patsy Weber Day. That is such a tribute to her dedicated service at Rauch.

We will be celebrating at Tumbleweed, 3005 Charlestown Crossing, New Albany from 3-5 p.m. Wednesday, outside with social distancing for anyone who wants to drive by, honk, wave or even stop. Cards celebrating her retirement are welcome at Patsy Weber c/o Rauch Inc., 845 Park Place, New Albany, IN 47150.

Patsy is a proud lifetime resident of New Albany.

Heidi Sellers, Memphis

Library staff excels at service

The New Albany Floyd County Library has been serving the residents of Floyd County for many years. I have appreciated their services, but never as much as through this pandemic. They provide this community with curbside pickup and drop-off not only at the Main Branch but also at the Galena Branch. The staff is always helpful and friendly. One of the staff members chooses a collection of books from a list of authors and topics that the reader has provided, and then communicates to the reader that the books are ready for pickup.

Thanks again for the thoughtfulness of the staff at the Main Branch and the Galena Branch. They provide an excellent service to this community.

Mary Ann Kruer, Floyds Knobs

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