Bush fundraiser shows who Sodrel really is

“Almost everyone I’ve talked to said we’re going to move to Houston. What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas.

“Everybody is so overwhelmed by all the hospitality. And so many of the peoples in the arena here, you know, they’re underprivileged anyway, so this — this is working very well for them.” — former first lady and presidential mother Barbara Bush on National Public Radio’s “Marketplace” in 2005.

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Could this possibly be the same Barbara Bush that visited the great state of Indiana on Sept. 12, 2006, to campaign for Mike Sodrel for Congress? Could this lack of compassion become a driving force in Sodrel’s bid for re-election? Please say it’s not so!

The fact that Mike Sodrel willingly accepts aid from such a prominent citizen that clearly has some disdain for the working poor of the United States; especially those that are put out of their homes, jobs, their very lives by something that is completely beyond their control, simply serves to show what kind of man our 9th District incumbent is. And considering the fact that it is Barbara Bush’s own son, none other than George W. Bush himself, that is at least partially responsible for the lack of response and timely aid for these same people that leads me to ask this question: Just who do these people think they represent?

Obviously they have problems with the average middle class family that requires both incomes simply to support themselves or they wouldn’t be giving tax cuts to people whose pocketbooks don’t require them. Given the former First Lady’s stance on the plight of the Katrina refugees, then by association they [Sodrel and Bush] apparently have issues with the working poor as well.

Last I checked I wasn’t part of the group that Sodrel and his campaigners seem to be targeting: The ones who aren’t required to work to make ends meet. And neither is any of my family, my friends, or even my circle of acquaintances. And so I ask again: Who is Mike Sodrel representing? And why should I cast my vote for a man who willingly associates himself with a lady who lacks compassion for those in the most desperate kind of need?

— Becky Byers, Clarksville

Bushes support Sodrel’s hard work

What a petty argument offered by the writer of “Three GOP districts in Indiana vulnerable” printed on Sept. 8, 2006. The letter claims that Sodrel is begging for money from the various figures that have spoken on behalf of his campaign. The real reason that people like President Bush, first lady Laura Bush, and former first lady Barbara Bush have traveled here to Indiana is because they appreciate Sodrel’s hard work. They want to support him to assure that he is able to continue his efforts.

If the writer is going to try to stir the pot over fundraisers, let’s make sure that the whole picture is represented: Former President Bill Clinton paid a visit to a fundraiser for Baron Hill in Indianapolis on July 5. Would the writer of the letter say that Hill’s purpose was to “beg for money,” like he accuses Sodrel?

That letter only demonstrates Democrats’ annoying tendencies to hold double standards and scrutinize the unimportant. Both of those behaviors are counterproductive and result only in frustration, instead of progress and cooperation. This November, I will vote and demonstrate my continued support for the progress and cooperation that Sodrel stands for.

— Walter W. Carrico, Jeffersonville

What happened to patriotism?

To whom should I complain to? The mayor, the schools, or some of the private organizations (i.e VFW , Legion, etc.) The President gave an presidential order that the flag should be placed at half-mast on Sept. 11, 2006, to honor those who lost their lives five years ago, yes five years ago. When 9-11 happened you couldn’t find a flag to buy because we were all in shock and very patriotic. Five years later we seem to put it on the rear burner like we have done in some past conflict’s/wars. Why?

Either you should read the paper or watch the news not when it pertains to what you expect but what you don’t expect. You can learn a lot for 50 cents not to mention the local news TV channel for nothing.

Again I’m another very disappointed veteran running around to see how many flags were lowered today and I won’t tell you my results. However on 9-11-01 I couldn’t buy or give a flag away because everyone was in shock! And buying flags now? They are on the shelves like can goods. Around election day I bet you won’t forget that! Again, if the shoe fit’s wear it!

— David A. Mattingly Sr., Charlestown

New Albany mayor, and city officials, need to step up and fix this

I live in New Albany. I was watching a morning TV show the other day when police officer Todd Bailey talked about letting the public work the phones at the police station and that would save the city so many dollars per year. Well, I have a problem with that. What if someone calls in with someone in their home, does an everyday citizen know what to do and say to keep that person safe and calm? What if someone calls in wanting to commit suicide? Will they know how to handle the situation? What if someone calls in and they just had an accident and they are very afraid and can't tell the person on the other end of the phone exactly where they are, can the person with no experience or training help them or the police that are looking for them? What if someone calls in with their mother, father, husband, wife or child very ill, dying or other, will they know how to handle the situation?

I thought that police went through training to become police. What kind of training are these people going to be going through and who is going to have to pick up the tab for it? Also, if a citizen is able to answer the phones at the police station and handle things there and it is going to save us so much money, why can't citizens just go on and replace the existing police staff and save our city even more money?

What if hospitals did this? Instead of having a doctor look at you, just have a receptionist look at you to see if you are alright or not? Or in the jail, why don't we just go on and save money and get rid of the jailers and put the citizens in the jail to work it? Does anyone understand where I am coming from? It is unsafe and not practical! It is time for our mayor and the chief of Police to take charge of this problem. Are they giving Officer Bailey the go ahead to do whatever he wants, or is this a decision that came down from the mayor's office? We as New Albany citizens that aren't in that little glassed in room taking the calls and may indeed someday need help would like to be able to trust that when we call the police, that we are actually talking to a police officer, or a person that has gone through the system to hold that position and knows how to handle the situations that come up over the phone.

Let's do more practical things to save money for New Albany. Such as, instead of just giving away a whole street to the New Albany High School, just because they wanted it because it was dangerous for high school kids to cross the street when school was starting or letting out, the city just handed it over. No money changed hands. The city could have sold that to the school and that money could have gone to the street department for more stop lights or road work. I think it is time that the public knows what is going on and starts paying attention, because we live in a beautiful area, but if things keep going the way they are now, we are headed for trouble. We have to get a hold of this and nip it in the bud. So, I as a concerned citizen am asking you, if you live in the New Albany area and you don't believe in talking to an everyday citizen and some of them retired and just doing it to have something to do, call the mayor's office at 812-948-5333 and let them know how you feel.

That is my opinion.

— Djuana L. Harris, New Albany

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