Reader thankful for random act of kindness

 I’d like to thank the lady who was standing in line in front of me at the WalMart in New Albany on Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012 for her kind-hearted random act of kindness! The lady in front of me had a toy without a tag so someone had to go back to the toy department to do a price check. They were gone forever and the cashier was even looking around wondering what was taking so long. The lady in front of me apologized and I told her not to worry because we’ve all been in her shoes before with something that doesn’t have a tag or rings up wrong. I heard her ask the cashier where something was, I couldn’t hear what she asked for but she stepped out of line for a minute while we waited on the price check for her toy. She walked back up to the cashier and asked to put $10 on a gift card. After about 5 minutes they came back with a tag for the toy and the lady left. As I was checking out I noticed a gift card sitting next to the register that looked just like the one

the lady had just purchased and I almost questioned if she had forgotten it, but I brushed it off thinking it was just a used one that they hadn’t thrown out yet. As the cashier told me my total, she kindly handed me the $10 gift card sitting next to her register that the lady in front of me had purchased.  She said the lady had asked her to give it to me for having to wait so long in the check-out because her toy didn’t have a tag. As my eyes welled up with tears the cashier said to me, there truly are still good people left in this world!  Thank you to this kind lady and to the cashier as well!

Connie Howard-Carroll

of New Albany

Resident offers praise to police department

Many thanks to the Clarksville town officials who are supporting the police’s efforts to enforce the law for protection of our community. A special thank you to our Town Police Chief Matt Palmer for not turning a blind eye to the illegal activities in our community, specifically with reference to the three recent arrests at Theatair X.

As longtime residents of the town, this is the first time we can recall law enforcement pursing the unlawful activities that daily occur at this establishment. In order to ensure the continued progressive growth of our community, all citizens and businesses must be held accountable and made to follow the law. Communities function best with strong leaders.

The strength of great leaders is that they think months, often years, into the future. They think about what will positively help their community grow. Often great leaders decide to do not what would seem the popular option. Instead, they work towards the solution that is best for the community, even if a small (but very vocal) part of the community disagrees with them.  

We’d like to thank Clarksville officials for their strong leadership in this positive development and encourage them continue on their course. Your efforts will only make our community a better place to live for the months and years ahead! Thank you!!!!

Larry and Diana Berger

of  Clarksville

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