I took umbrage to Jamey Aebersold’s letter appearing in the June 26, 2021 News and Tribune. Seems to me that Sen. Braun has done plenty of talking about the failed policy of defunding the police and gun criminals not receiving adequate bail set or sentencing from liberal prosecutors.

Also, law-abiding gun owners are not the problem. Criminals with guns are the problem. Let’s change the way we charge criminals committing gun crimes before we abandon the 2nd Amendment altogether for the people that are using their guns lawfully for personal protection, hunting or sport.

With an estimated 390 million guns in ownership and gun permit applications at an all-time high, not all people who own guns are the problem. I think anyone who lies on their federal application to own a firearm should be banned from owning a firearm and have their firearms seized. 

Saying that no one NEEDS a gun is simplistic and faulty thinking. Try telling a woman she doesn’t NEED any more than three purses and five pairs of shoes. I think a lot of men would support that legislation. Strengthen legislation for strawman purchases and illegally owned and used firearms. Enforce legislation already on the books. Don’t vote for liberal mayors and governors that don’t take law and order seriously.

Guns are not the real problem. Guns are inanimate objects. Trust me, I can’t get any to clean a bathroom or change a bed. People with bad intent and a gun are the problem. Let’s stop this ignorant war on police officers. Let’s not allow any defunding of police departments. Vote for law and order. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t leave your gun in your car at night in your driveway?

Elizabeth Madden, Georgetown

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