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Thursday’s WAVE 3 weather forecast:

High: 82 degrees

Skies: partly sunny

Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous

Political outlook: Waxing poetic

OK, that last one was ours.

On Thursday, Oct. 10, the South Central Indiana League of Women Voters is hosting its third in a series of political forums, connecting candidates seeking office with the constituents they hope to serve.

The turnout for the first two forums, in Charlestown and New Albany, was impressive. This week, it’s Jeffersonville’s turn to shine. We hope being in the spotlight illuminates candidates’ commitment to openness and engagement.

But they aren’t the only ones needed to make the candidate forum — set to kick off at 5:30 p.m. at the gazebo at Warder Park, 109 E. Court Ave. — a success.

The League of Women Voters needs you, the public, to attend. Ask questions. Listen to what candidates tell you, about themselves, their stances, and how they would operate the city.

Too often the message we voters are given is polished rhetoric. A crafted message — public relations platitudes for which the candidate paid — lacking in the straight talk we yearn to hear.

But at the forum, there’ll be no middle man or woman standing between you and the answers you seek about the issues most concerning to you.

It doesn’t get any more democratic than that. Our Founding Fathers would be proud to see the roots they planted have taken hold.

Even the format harkens to yesteryear. An outdoor gathering spot in the heart of town, candidates giving their best stump speeches. The crowd — we hope there’s a crowd — assembled to hear what the would-be leaders have to say.

All that’s missing is Abe Lincoln’s stove pipe hat.

In keeping with the spirit, the News and Tribune doth hereby:

Applaud the League of Women Voters members for their work to enlighten the electorate.

Urge all candidates running for municipal office in Jeffersonville in the Nov. 5 General Election to be accountable by their presence at the forum. It’s important. If you cannot attend for a legitimate reason, tell us why — publicly.

Encourage Jeffersonville voters to attend. It’s true every vote counts, but so does every voter. Don’t make critical decisions by chance exposure to campaign literature and commercials.

Early voting already has begun. But the election isn’t about winners and losers — it’s about our future. And we just might get a glimpse into our future Thursday, beneath the waxing gibbous moon.

The News and Tribune Editorial Board members are Publisher Bill Hanson, Editor Susan Duncan and Assistant Editor Chris Morris.

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