“Having been involved in the process as a practitioner — experiencing what happens when the court is overburdened like it is and seeing how that affected my clients, my practice and those of my colleagues — the opportunity to be part of the solution was certainly attractive.”

— Jeffrey Branstetter, sworn in recently as Clark County’s latest magistrate; published July 10, 2017

“I feel let down. And like I said, right now, financially, I’m just really in a pinch, and I wouldn’t have been had [manufacturing] not went to Mexico. I would’ve been fine.”

— Cindy Doty, among 84 workers who lost their jobs at Manitowoc Beverage Systems Inc. in Sellersburg, when parent company Manitowoc Food Service moved manufacturing to its existing plants in Tijuana and Monterrey, Mexico; published July 11, 2017

“It’s so important to educate the community on the advancement of technology and what we can do with our creative minds. And it’s just a neat experience.”

— Christy Heiligenberg, speaking of makerspace and community workshop Maker13; published July 12, 2017

“Old, young, middle-aged — it doesn’t matter… if they want to train and become a journeyman, they can do it here.”

— Mike Bauerla, instructor at Prosser Career Education Center, on an electrical apprenticeship program that creates an easier pathway to journeyman certification; published July 13, 2017

“I have three goals here. The first is the residents and the quality of place we have for them, the second is the employees and the third is the buildings. And I did not feel in any manner that HUD was going to have an issue with me processing payroll.”

— David Duggins, interim director of the New Albany Housing Authority, addressing criticism that he processed payroll without getting prior HUD approval; published July 14, 2017

“Planning was short-term, but now with the implementation of a consistent funding source for the next 10, 15, 20 years, it will help us plan better for future projects that will really help contribute to the growth of Clark County.”

— Clark County Commissioner President Jack Coffman, on a new statewide road and bridge funding initiative, Next Level Indiana; published July 15, 2017

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