Letters to the Editor

I thank Dan Moore for his rabid response proving the point I made in my letter endorsing Judge Andrew Adams and praising Adam’s work in the Veterans’ Treatment Court. The point is that Moore is temperamentally unsuited to carry on programs which require humility and respectful engagement with others who may have a different perspective. If you dare to criticize him, he tries to assassinate your character. Standing up to Moore is no pleasure, but I consider it my duty to the state and county I long served.

I have no argument with those who speak well of him. I do not doubt there is a measure of good in him. But repeatedly I have seen power and greed go to his head, spawning arrogance, dishonesty and meanness. He has bullied, hurt and cheated people I care about. I have not experienced Dan as his friends have; neither have they experienced him as I have. I suggest how he has handled public matters over many years is more relevant than how he has acted in brief observations or private relationships.

If I were as Moore makes me out to be, is it likely the Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court would have chosen me to fill in for Judge Adams at a time when preserving the dignity and reputation of the court was crucial?

Moore has slandered judges who dare oppose him before. He hurled the same mud at several judges in a complaint filed with the Judicial Qualifications Commission for supporting Judge Carmichael against him in 2018. After reviewing his outrageous charges, the Commission dismissed them without us even having to respond. His rambling complaint was so obviously baseless and malicious it served only to discredit its author.

My opposition originally stems from Moore encouraging the County Council to misuse probation user fees in a way that was clearly illegal. By misrepresenting the judges’ position and the law, he created a controversy that benefitted only him. He lost in the trial court in Jasper. His position suffered a spectacular loss in the Supreme Court. He cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and temporarily wrecked what had been a good working relationship between the courts and council. Once Moore was out of the picture the relationship healed.

His claim that I compared myself to Jesus is pathetic. I simply quoted a fitting passage to make a point. It was in no way disrespectful. I was replying to errors in a Board of Accounts report. The Board objected to my applying revenue from traffic tickets to needs within our own county instead of sending it to Indianapolis. The Attorney General concluded what I did was legal. I was vindicated. The county benefitted from over a million dollars spent here to fight drug and alcohol abuse, all with County Council guidance and approval. If Moore’s claim that I misappropriated money were true I would be sitting in a jail cell working on my application for parole instead of in my library working to expose the danger of electing him.

There were two Clark County judges out drinking at 3:00 a.m. Both are good honorable Marine Corps veterans who made a one-time mistake. One of them has no opposition for re-election because there is only one Clark County lawyer mean-spirited, greedy and envious enough to take advantage of their misfortune. Moore must be kept away from power for his own good. Power is his intoxicant. As his raving letter shows, even the whiff of it is enough to bring out the worst in him.

Steven M. Fleece, Charlestown

Police lauded for de-escalation training

I am very proud to live and serve in Clark County as State Representative. But never more proud of the City of Jeffersonville than when learning about the enhanced de-escalation training that our police force learns and effectively uses in dealing with difficult, often volatile situations. Realizing how valuable such training is, our officers receive, at the minimum, double the required training where the goal is peaceful resolution in all cases. Our officers are, indeed, “…doing things at above the threshold” (quote from Assistant Chief Scott McVoy).

Thank you, Assistant Chief McVoy and Chief Kenny Kavanaugh, for insisting that our officers follow best practices, and receive the best training available. Your leadership helps to make Jeffersonville a safe place to live, work, and play.

Rita Fleming, State Representative, HD 71


Some unknown (to me) individual cleaned up sticks, limbs and debris I had gathered and stacked at the tree by my mailbox. What a pleasant surprise when I awoke from my nap and found the trash gone.

I hope this kind deed is “paid forward” to his person.

Norma Davis, Greenville

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