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While I try to keep a positive outlook on life it seems to get harder each day to see the best in people and events that occur around us. One recent report from the U.N. Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity had a very troubling effect on me. I have tried my best to have a small hand in trying to save as much of God’s creations as possible before it is all destroyed, but does man really care what God has created? Sometime I wonder.

Prairie trillium grows next to a trail at Mounds State Park in Madison County. Invasive species like garlic mustard can take over the understo…

A crew clears invasive Asian Bush Honeysuckle from trails around the lake at Shadyside Park in Anderson during the winter.

This year has not been the best year for growing things. We had a lot of rain in the spring which made the soil stay cool and wet, then we had…

The federal Fish and Wildlife Service on Thursday declined 25 separate petitions to list a variety of species as endangered or threatened, including the high-profile Pacific walrus, which is contending with sharp climate change trends in the Arctic where it spends much of its life atop floes of floating sea ice.

Seafood is an essential staple in the diets of people around the world. Global consumption of fish and shellfish has more than doubled over the last 50 years, and is expected to keep rising with global population growth. Many people assume that most seafood is something that we catch in the wild with lines, trawls and traps. In fact, aquaculture (aquatic farming) accounts for just over half of all the seafood consumed worldwide.