Haylee Hall

Recent Providence graduate Haylee Hall played volleyball and participated in track & field for the Pioneers. | PHOTO COURTESY LARRY ALEXANDER/THE SPORTS STUDIO


• Nickname: “Hales.” I really don’t remember how I got this nickname, I just know Marissa Hornung started to call me it and it stuck.

• Birthdate: March 7, 2001.

• Parents: Tony and Pam Hall.

• Siblings: Brian, Lauren, Corey.

• High school: Providence.

• Grade: Recent graduate.

• Sports I participated in: Volleyball, track & field.

• GPA: 4.0.

• Favorite, or proudest, athletic moment: Every time I would see one of the other shot put or discus throwers’ faces light up when they broke their personal record. It always makes me so happy and proud for them because I have seen what they have put in for them to come to that point.

• Favorite movie: Super 8.

• Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds.

• Favorite song: “Make It Right,” by BTS.

• Favorite food: Collard greens.

• Go-to pregame snack: Jimmy John’s.

• Favorite athlete: Bryce Drury.

• Hobby: Playing video games.

• Persons who have had the greatest influence on my athletic career: Gosia Właszczuk and Jen Fowler. It’s rare that you get to have a coach from Poland that played for Syracuse University, and the other who played for U of L, was an Amazing Race winner and is an ESPN analyst. While they taught me a lot of stuff for volleyball, they taught me even more valuable life lessons and are still some of the most important people in my life.

• Hidden talent: Popping peoples’ backs.

• Best advice I’ve ever been given: “Prove Them Wrong.”

• Best advice I can give younger athletes: Cherish the small families you make within whatever sport you play. Those memories will be the reason you cry at the end of the season and wish you had one more week, one more game, one more practice.

• What high school athletics have meant to me: Personally, high school athletics have meant the entire world to me. I have made countless friends from my teammates and there is nothing like the family feeling of a team coming together over the season. Especially, when the season ends and you count down for it to start all back up again the next year.

• College plans: Attend Indiana University-Bloomington and double-major in International Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures.

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