Eden Ryan

Henryville's Eden Ryan 


• Nickname: “Speedo” or “Speedin’ Eden.” I got it when I was little because I would race my sisters and cousins and I would always beat them.

• Birthdate: Jan. 9, 2001.

• Parents: John & Mandy Ryan.

• Siblings: Ayla & Charleigh Ryan.

• High school: Henryville.

• Grade: Recent graduate.

• Sports I participated in: Volleyball, basketball and track & field.

• GPA: 3.9.

• Favorite, or proudest, athletic moment: My proudest memory is during track season when I was running the 800 at the Salem Invitational and I was almost in last during most of the race and I sprinted the last 200 meters and came in first.

• Favorite movie: Finding Nemo

• Favorite TV show: Friends

• Favorite song: “Streetcar” by Daniel Caesar.

• Favorite food: Green beans.

• Go-to pregame snack: I always eat a bowl of cereal before leaving for a game.

• Favorite athlete: Serena Williams.

• Hobbies: I enjoy reading and playing guitar.

• Person who has had the greatest influence on my athletic career: Coach [Josh] Conrad, my basketball coach, because he always pushes me to do my best and doesn’t give up on me even if I don’t do so well.

• Hidden talent: I can sing and play a few instruments.

• Best advice I’ve ever been given: Be true to yourself.

• Best advice I can give younger athletes: Even if you are not having a good day, week, or even month, don’t give up on yourself and strive to get better.

• What high school athletics have meant to me: They have been a huge part of my life and have taught me valuable lessons that I will use every day of my life.

• College plans: I am going to attend the University of Louisville and study medicine.