Jeff-Floyd Central 2

Floyd Central quarterback Trace Willman scrambles from the pocket during the Highlanders victory over Jeffersonville on Friday. 


• Twitter handle: @TraceWillman. 

• Nickname: "TDUB." The "T" is for Trace and the "DUB" is for the start of my last name "W," and it is also associated with winning 

• Birthdate: Sept. 28, 2001. 

• Parents: Megan & Robert Willman.

• Sibling: Lucas Willman.

• High school: Floyd Central. 

• Grade: Senior. 

• Sports I participate in: Football and track. 

• GPA: 3.72.

• Favorite, or proudest, athletic moment: Catching the pass that was the dagger in the New Albany game.

• Favorite movie: Point Break.

• Favorite TV show: Friends is my favorite of all time, but I love Dexter.

• Favorite song: "Anything" by LiL Wayne. 

• Favorite food: Lasagna.

• Go-to pregame snack: A 6-inch Subway sandwich and cheddar SunChips.

• Favorite athlete: Mitchell Trubisky. 

• Hobbies: Lifting weights and playing NBA2K with my friends. 

• Persons who have had the greatest influence on my athletic career: Overall I’ve got to say my dad, but Coach [Alan] Hess has influenced my change in position in football. He's always believed that I’d be a good wide receiver and safety. 

• Hidden talent: I can win 90 percent of Madden games I play. 

• Best advice I’ve ever been given: The best advice I’ve been given is to get involved in high school. You get to make friends with great people and can have fun everyday at school.

• Best advice I can give younger athletes: Don’t be locked in on one position. I was a quarterback for my whole life up until last year. And when that wasn’t reality anymore and I started playing wide receiver and safety, I realized these are the positions I could go to college for. And the quarterback experience has made it to where the Highlanders have two quarterback brains on the field at a time. 

• What high school athletics have meant to me: They have meant everything to me. To be able to put on a show for people in this community every Friday night under the lights, it really means a lot to people if we win or lose. But win, or lose, our fan base is incredible.

• College plans: I am undecided on a college yet, but I have one offer to Mount St. Joseph University [in Ohio] to play football. I am open to a lot of options, though. 

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