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New Albany's Riley Winslow attempts to stop the attack by Christian Academy's Kendall Kerberg during the Bulldogs' match against the Warriors. 


• Twitter handle: @riley_winslow 

• Nickname: "Riles." My classmate Julien Hunter started calling me “Riles” one day and a couple more people started using it.

• Birthdate: March 14, 2002. 

• Parents: Kim & Seth Winslow. 

• Siblings: Seth Winslow II. 

• High school: New Albany. 

• Grade: Senior. 

• Sports I participate in: Volleyball and track. 

• GPA: 3.9. 

• Favorite, or proudest, athletic moment: I have two for my sports. For track, it would be making it to state in my individual event, the 400[-meter dash], because it showed that I could do something on my own. For volleyball, it was making the IHSVCA Junior All-Star team to represent the South. 

• Favorite movie: Shrek

• Favorite TV show: The Office. 

• Favorite song: "Make Me Proud" by Drake. 

• Favorite food: Sushi. 

• Go-to pregame snack: Pasta!

• Favorite athlete: Serena Williams. 

• Hobbies: Working out, watching The Office on Netflix, going to church on Sundays.

• Person who has had the greatest influence on my athletic career: Melissa Starck-Bean has had the biggest impact on my athletic career, because she scared me. She ran my first volleyball camp at New Albany and was wanting volunteers to demonstrate a drill. I was an incoming freshman and very scared to mess up. I didn’t want to demo and neither did any other girls. She made us all do burpees and said we were average. From that day on, I decided I didn’t want to be average. Melissa has also always been straightforward with me whenever I needed to improve on certain skills, or get better in order to achieve a higher level. She’s a great person to have in my corner. 

• Hidden talent: I can play the violin.

• Best advice I’ve ever been given: The best advice I’ve ever been given is from my dad. He said “The worst thing they can say is ‘no.'" Whenever I’ve been afraid to reach out, or ask for something, I remember that. 

• Best advice I can give younger athletes: Be so good that you can’t come off the court. When I first started playing volleyball I thought I only needed one skill, but I eventually wanted to know how I could stay on the court longer. Becoming an all-around player and paying attention to coaches giving instruction to those in other positions is key. You never know what you will be called upon to do. 

• What high school athletics have meant to me: High school athletics have been a blessing to me. They have taught me to manage my time well and prioritize. I have also been able to make connections with people outside of my school, which is important. They give me a better sense of belonging, while allowing me to represent my school and community. I have also learned to lead a team and how to successfully handle wins and losses. I have also been able to cultivate a good work ethic. 

• College plans: I am currently undecided on my college plans, but would like to become a Registered Dietitian. 

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