JEFFERSONVILLE — Fans, who were allowed in the grandstands for the first time this season, saw some competitive racing Saturday night at Sportsdrome Speedway.

The action was highlighted by a father-daughter sweep in two Ford divisions, as Krista Tungett won the Powder Puff feature while her father, Ken Tungett, held off the competition in the Oval B feature. Both drove the same Davey Allison Texaco No. 28 themed car.

Krista Tungett held off Leslie Blanchard and Tiffany Shelton in the 20-lap Powder Puff race.

Later, in the 25-lap Ford Oval B feature, Ken Tungett outlasted Zach Minton, Mitch Kruer and 23 others to take the checkered flag.

In the Xtreme 8, Darrin Greenwell won the 25-lap feature over Doodle Farris.

Jamie Bierman captured the Oval Xtreme division, finishing ahead of Chad Deeley and Marcus Elliott, the heat winner.

In the Ford Oval 25-lap A feature Bradly Winters, one of five heat winners, took the checkered flag in the 24-car field.

In the final race of the night, Jake Wells powered his No. 13 car to victory in the Ford Figure 8 division.

Saturday’s results


Heat winners: Tim Slucher, Mike Berry.

25-lap feature: 1. Darrin Greenwell; 2. Doodle Farris; 3. Cory Harmon; 4. Doug Wicker; 5. Steve Moneypenny; 6. John Groulx; 7. Marcus Elliott; 8. Mike Berry; 9. Todd Whitfield; 10. Josh Logsdon; 11. Tom Johnson; 12. Tim Slucher.

OVAL XTREME Heat winner: Marcus Elliott.

25-lap feature: 1. Jamie Bierman; 2. Chad Deeley; 3. Marcus Elliott; 4. David Ross; 5. Anthony Richie; 6. Justin Key. DNS – Raymond Johnson.


Heat winners: Amanda Jane, Leslie Cooper.

20-lap feature: 1. Krista Tungett; 2. Leslie Blanchard; 3. Tiffany Shelton; 4. Christina Jessie; 5. Maranda Jane; 6. Katie Shelton; 7. Kaci Franklin; 8. Holly Heil; 9. Ashley Brooke; 10. Caryn Workman; 11. Lisa Lanham; 12. McKenzie Gaddis.


Heat winners: Tim Harbin, Bradly Winters, Joel Smith, Jake Wells, Shane Isgrigg.

25-lap A feature: 1. Bradly Winters; 2. Joel Smith; 3. Justin Groulx; 4. Scott Shelton; 5. Paul Hartlage; 6. Jamie Bierman; 7. Daniel Durrett; 8. Jesse Suell; 9. Robbie Greenwell; 10. Billy Heil; 11. James Schultz; 12. Paul Taylor; 13. Mark Elliott; 14. Craig Wilder; 15. Aaron Schott; 16. Jake Wells; 17. Ron Phillips; 18. Perry Whitsett; 19. John Lister; 20. Austin Scott; 21. Shane Isgrigg; 22. Leonard Blanchard; 23. Derek Smith; 24. Dwight Smith.

25-lap B feature: 1. Ken Tungett; 2. Zach Minton; 3. Mitch Kruer; 4. Jason Adams; 5. Chris Workman; 6. Chris Young; 7. Jacob Hebert; 8. Jacob Robertson; 9. Tim Harbin; 10. Dustin Calcutt; 11. Brandon Winters; 12. Byron Johns; 13. Travis Wohner; 14. Adam Grimsley; 15. Cody Holbert; 16. Chuckie Balmer Jr.; 18. Collin Worrall; 19. Justin Baker; 20. Rick Gesler; 21. Bill Perry; 22. Joe Murdock; 23. Andrew Gibson; 24. Denny Wilder; 25. Johnny Sheehan; 26. Theo Shelton.


Heat winners: Matt Kruer, Craig Wilder, Justin Groulx.

25-lap feature: 1. Jake Wells; 2. Marcus Elliott; 3. Justin Groulx; 4. Robbie Greenwell; 5. Paul Hartlage; 6. Jacob Robertson; 7. Zach Minton; 8. Drew Ottman; 9. Joel Smith; 10. Jacob Hebert; 11. Matt Kruer; 12. Shane Isgrigg; 13. Byron Johns; 14. Travis Wohner; 15. Ricky Puckett; 16. Craig Wilder; 17. Brandon Winters; 18. John Lister; 19. Chris Young; 20. Derek Smith.

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