JEFFERSONVILLE — Just a few hours before Father’s Day, a father and son won races Saturday night at Sportsdrome Speedway.

In the Affordable Ford Oval division, Leonard Blanchard won the 25-lap A feature before his son, James, followed suit by capturing the 25-lap B feature.

The return of the Ford divisions, Race8 Pro FWD Oval and Kenyon Midgets, highlighted the racing card.

In the Race8 Pro FWD Oval, Austin Baum took the checkered flag in the 30-lap feature. Brandon Dalton finished second while fastest-qualifier Jamie Bierman was third.

Jack Macenko won the 25-lap Kenyon Midgets feature by beating heat-race winner Colin Grissom.

The night also featured a pair of Powder Puff races. In the first 20-lap feature, Maranda Basham beat out Lisa Lanham for the checkered flag. In the second 20-lap feature, Tiffany Shelton was first in the 13-car field. Lanham, who finished fourth in the second feature, was the overall combined winner.

Marcus Elliott capped the racing with a victory in the Affordable Ford Figure 8 25-lap feature.


Saturday’s resultsRACE8 PRO FWD OVALFastest qualifier: Jamie Bierman 15.956 seconds.

Heat winners: Morgan Jeffries, Jeremy Mitchell.

30-lap feature: 1. Austin Baum; 2. Brandon Dalton; 3. Jamie Bierman; 4. John Franzell; 5. Morgan Jeffries; 6. Ryan Seay; 7. Mike Jamison; 8. Daniel Reid; 9. Troy Moore; 10. Chris Logsdon; 11. Dean Riley; 12. Donald Coffey; 13. Leon Wolney Jr.; 14. CJ Higgins; 15. Nick Cooper; 16. Jeremy Mitchell.


Heat winner: Colin Grissom.

25-lap feature: 1. Jack Macenko; 2. Colin Grissom; 3. Logan Huggler; 4; Sam Hinds; 5. Ben Varner; 6. Aryton Houk.


1st 20-lap feature: 1. Maranda Basham; 2. Lisa Lanham; 3. Leslie Blanchard; 4. Maranda Jane; 5. Kaci Franklin; 6. Christina Jessie; 7. Tiffany Shelton; 8. Krista Tungett; 9. Holly Heil; 10. Ashley Brooke; 11. McKenzie Gaddis; 12. Brandi Tungett; 13. Katie Shelton.

2nd 20-lap feature: 1. Tiffany Shelton; 2. Christina Jessie; 3. Krista Tungett; 4. Lisa Lanham; 5. Katie Shelton; 6. Maranda Basham; 7. Kaci Franklin; 8. Maranda Jane; 9. Leslie Blanchard; 10. Holly Heil; 11. Brandi Tungett; 12. Ashley Brooke; 13. McKenzie Gaddis.

Overall combined winner: Lisa Lanham.


Heat winners: Worrall, Riddick, Kruer, Lewis, Suell.

25-lap A feature: 1. Leonard Blanchard; 2. Perry Whitsett; 3. Zach Minton; 4. Eric Lewis; 5. Chase Adams.

25-lap B feature: 1. James Blanchard; 2. Jordon Riddick; 3. Byron Johns; 4. Johnny Sheehan; 5. Brandon Roberts; 6. Collin Worrall; 7. Adam Grimsley; 8. Brandon Winters; 9. Jacob Robertson; 10. Dwight Smith; 11. Chuckie Balmer Jr.; 12. Theo Shelton; 13. Rick Gesler; 14. Drew Ottman; 15. Troy Moore; 16. Cody Holbert; 17. Denny Wilder; 18. Landon Elder; 19. William Calcuff; 20. Andrew Gibson; 21. Derek Smith; 22. Mitch Kruer; 23. Chuck Freeman; 24. Carl Harding; 25. Travis Wohner; 26. Chris Young; 27. Perry Robertson.


Heat winners: Ronnie Basham III, Marcus Elliott.

25-lap feature: 1. Marcus Elliott; 2. Ronnie Basham III; 3. Ricky Puckett; 4. Jake Wells; 5. Paul Hartlage; 6. Drew Ottman; 7. Jacob Robertson; 8. Steve Moneypenny; 9. John Lister; 10. Brandon Roberts; 11. James Blanchard; 12. Tyler Fraze; 13. Byron Johns; 14. Justin Groulx; 15. Zach Minton; 16. Perry Robertson; 17. Robbie Greenwell; 18. Joel Smith.

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