JEFFERSONVILLE — Several winners were crowned during a wild and wooly Midwestern Night at Sportsdrome Speedway last Saturday night.

In the first race, the Race 8 FWD Blast, Austin Baum set a track record — 15.7666 seconds — in qualifying. Then, he went out and won the 50-lap race for his fifth Oval Blast feature victory. Ty Scott took second and Brandon Dalton was third.

In the F8 Blast, John Franzell took the early lead before being overtaken by Jeremy Mitchell, who went on to victory. Benjamin Morton was second while Baum took third to win the overall combo and the $500 bonus.

In the Ford Figure 8 race, Robbie Greenwell was the fastest qualifier but Marcus Elliott took the checkered flag in the 50-lap feature.

In the 54th annual Midwestern Championship 75-lap feature in the World of Outlaws Figure 8 Tour finale, Artie Ware held off Buddy Vertrees to take the checkered flag.

This Saturday will be the highly-anticipated School Bus Figure 8 race at Sportsdrome. The rain date will be Sunday. Tickets are $20 for adults and $7 for kids 12 and under. For more information visit or call 812-282-7551.



Saturday night's results


     Fastest qualifier: Austin Baum 15.766 (track record).

     50-lap oval: 1. Austin Baum, 2. Ty Scott, 3. Brandon Dalton, 4. John Franzell, 5. John Clevenger, 6. Ricky Johnson, 7. Jess Holiday, 8. Jeremy Tunny, 9. Barrett Morton, 10. Chris Stice, 11. Ricky Horton, 12. Calie Whitsett, 13. Dakota Masden, 14. Alex Abbott, 15. Alex Bube, 16. Ben Limbach, 17. Bill Honious, 18. Donald Coffey, 19. Steve Meek, 20. Nick Cooper, 21. Junior Santiago, 22. Jeremy Mitchell, 23. Leon Wolney, 24. Zack Bube, 25. Ron Sagers, 26. Gary Masden. DNS: Kyle Frame.

     38-lap F8 feature: 1. Jeremy Mitchell, 2. Benjamin Morton, 3. Austin Baum, 4. John Franzell, 5. Brandon Dalton, 6. Eric Childers, 7. Alex Bube, 8. Calie Whitsett, 9. Ricky Horton, 10. Ty Scott, 11. Dakota Masden, 12. Don VanValkenburg III, 13. Gary Masden, 14. Junior Santiago, 15. Leon Wolney, 16. Donald Coffey. DNS: Nick Cooper, Zack Bube, Tom Johnson.


     Fastest qualifier: Robbie Greenwell 23.234.

     50-lap feature: 1. Marcus Elliott, 2. Paul Hartlage, 3. Joel Smith, 4. Perry Whitsett, 5. Justin Fiedler, 6. Craig Wilder, 7. Dalton Nevil, 8. Zach Minton, 9. John Gimbel, 10. Byron Johns, 11. Doodle Farris, 12. Travis Wohner, 13. Robbie Greenwell, 14. Jacob Robertson, 15. Matt Witty, 16. Daniel Lister, 17. Butch Winters, 18. Anthony Turner, 19. Ken Tungett.



     Fastest qualifier: Mark Tunny 18.184 seconds.

     75-lap Midwestern Championship feature: 1. Artie Ware, 2. Buddy Vertrees, 3. Ben Tunny, 4. Ronnie Basham III, 5. Steve Durham, 6. Eddie VanMeter, 7. RJ Norton III, 8. Doodle Farris, 9. Mike Riddle, 10. Darrin Greenwell, 11. Jesse Tunny, 12. Mark Tunny, 13. Tommy St John, 14. Chris Harmon. DNS: Ricky Puckett, Gerald Poe.

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