MARENGO — As expected, Floyd Central rolled to a pair of sectional titles at Saturday’s Crawford County Sectional. 

On the girls’ side, the ninth-ranked Highlanders posted a perfect score for the second race in a row en route to their eighth consecutive title. On the boys’ side, 14th-ranked Floyd had five of the top seven finishers on the way to its second straight championship. 


Floyd senior Sydney Liddle ran to her second sectional title in a row, covering the 5,000-meter course in 19 minutes, 42.4 seconds. She was followed by five of her teammates — classmate Chloe Loftus, who was second in 20:24.9; junior Sydney Baxter, freshman Savanna Liddle, Sydney’s little sister; sophomore Jaydon Cirincione and junior Natalie Clare. 

“Our plan was to tempo the first two miles and stay with the pack, then we were supposed to take off the last mile, so that’s what we did,” Sydney Liddle said. 

One week after recording a perfect score at the Hoosier Hills Conference meet, the Highlanders again finished with 15 points — 58 ahead of runner-up Corydon Central. Borden edged New Albany for third, 111-115, while Providence finished fifth with 134. 

The top five teams and the top 10 individuals from non-qualifying teams advance to next Saturday’s Crawford County Regional. 

A pair of Pioneers, senior Natalie Boesing and freshman Maci Hoskins, took seventh and eighth, respectively. 

“That was a really good race,” Boesing said. “I’m not used to racing with Floyd Central, but it was good to have them to pace off of, especially in the second loop when they all turned it on and kind of dusted on us. 

"Maci and I were sitting there [in the lead] and we looked at each other and we’re like, ‘Oh God, here they go.’ And then they just kind of swooshed right in front of us. They’re all amazing runners. They’re super good." 

The third-place Braves were led by junior Kaylie Magallanes, who finished 14th in spite of a small slip up. 

“She feel down and still almost got her best time today,” Borden coach Liz Geltmaker said. “I’m hoping she can continue running that well, because if she does she can give herself an opportunity to advance to semistate.” 

The Braves also received a 20th-place finish from junior Joy Coffman. 

Junior Laura Andrew led the Bulldogs, finishing 15th. Her teammates, Caroline Barbieri and Alexandra Hogue, were 18th and 19th respectively. 

The Christian Academy tandem of junior Callie Crouse and freshman Briley Dunn took 21st and 30th, respectively, to earn regional-qualifying berths. 


Corydon Central junior Camden Marshall won the race in 16:25 while Floyd senior Luke Heinemann was second in 16:35.6. Led by Heinemann the Highlanders swept second through fifth places — and also had the seventh finisher — en route to 21 points. 

“We thought we had a really good chance to win so we were just trying to go out fast and see if we could hang on,” Heinemann said. “We had our coach’s lowest score that he’s ever had here.” 

Heinemann was followed by junior Hunter Griffin, senior Eli Johnson and sophomore Mitchel Meier. Floyd junior Wade Woosley finished seventh. 

New Albany was second with 70 — 15 ahead of Borden. Providence took seventh. 

The Bulldogs were paced by senior Angelo Gonzalez, who finished sixth. Also for New Albany, junior Gregory Schindler was 13th while freshman twins Aaron and Aidan Lord placed 14th and 16th, respectively, and fellow frosh Isaac Cooley took 21st. 

“Our young guys stepped up and then Angelo finished ahead of where he was projected, which is always good when we can put a low number in that [number] one spot. Overall a pretty good day,” Bulldogs coach Nick Ellis said. 

The Braves were led by sophomore Sterling Mikel, who placed eight. Also for Borden, junior Gavin Just placed 11th and sophomore Lody Cheatham took 19th. 

A trio of Pioneers — sophomore Garrett Huber (24th), freshman Ben Kelly (27th) and sophomore Will Harper (40th); and a pair of Warriors — seniors Jaden Hardesty and Noah Futter — qualified for the regional as individuals. 



     Team scores: 1. Floyd Central 21; 2. New Albany 70; 3. Borden 85; 4. Corydon Central 107; 5. South Central 114; 6. North Harrison 162; 7. Providence 174; 8. Crawford County 232; 9. Paoli 280

     Top 10: 1. Camden Marshall (CC) 16:25.00; 2. Luke Heinemann (FC) 16:35.6; 3. Hunter Griffin (FC) 16:41.9; 4. Eli Johnson (FC) 16:45.6; 5. Mitchel Meier (FC) 16:48.3; 6. Angelo Gonzalez (NA) 16:51.5; 7. Wade Woosley (FC) 16:58.8; 8. Sterling Mikel (B) 16:59.2; 9. Justin McWilliams (FC) 16:59.7; 10. Jude Baker (SC) 17:01.6.

     Top 10 individuals on non-qualifying teams: 15. Jacob Wenning (NH) 17:28.3; 24. Garrett Huber (P) 18:08.6; 25. Jaden Hardesty (CAI) 18:08.7; 27. Ben Kelly (P) 18:11.7; 28. Chase Long (NH) 18:17.8; 30. Oxiel Castro (NH) 18:23.7; 40. Will Harper (P) 19:18.1; 42. Noah Futter (CA) 19:30.6; 43. Justin Bailey (L) 19:44.6; 44. Klayton Grizzel (CrC) 20:04.6.

Other Floyd finishers: 17. Nicholas Gordon 17:31.8. 

Other New Albany finishers: 13. Gregory Schindler 17:13.7; 14. Aaron Lord 17:22.7; 16. Aidan Lord 17:22.7; 21. Isaac Cooley 17:58.7; 23. Collin Malloy 18:05.7; 32. Matthew Sozzi 18:38.8.

Other Borden finishers: 11. Gavin Just 17:05.0; 19. Lody Cheatham 17:47.8; 22. Blake Hoffman 18:05.4; 26. Nolan Flispart 18:09.3; 33. Eric Wheatley 18:40.6; 38. Brennan Eurton 19:14.0.

Other Providence finishers: 45. Akhil Long 20:28.4; 46. Kaden Connin 20:28.9; 60. Alex Perkinson 23:39.0; 64. Jackson Bettler 24:56.6.

Other CAI finishers: 48. Matthew Young 20:59.5; 49. Kyle Walstrom 21:04.3.

Clarksville: 57. Alex Titus 22:40.2; 67. Brandon Lilly 29:09.2; 68. Ashton Lilly 29:11.0.


     Team scores: 1. Floyd Central 15; 2. Corydon Central 73; 3. Borden 111; 4. New Albany 115; 5. Providence 134; 6. Crawford County 161; 7. North Harrison 171; 8. Paoli 179; 9. CAI 200.

     Top 10: 1. Sydney Liddle (FC) 19:42.4; 2. Chloe Loftus (FC) 20:24.9; 3. Sydney Baxter (FC) 20:25.0; 4. Savanna Liddle (FC) 20:25.1; 5. Jaydon Cirincione (FC) 20:25.1; 6. Natalie Clare (FC) 20:31.4; 7. Natalie Boesing (P) 20:37.1; 8. Maci Hoskins (P) 20:43.8; 9. Emily Armstrong (CC) 20:47.6; 10. Carley Conway (FC) 21:08.7.

     Top 10 qualifiers on non-advancing teams: 11. Gabrielle Gaines (CrC) 21:19.5; 16. Gracie Rothrock (NH) 21:50.7; 21. Callie Crouse (CAI) 22:34.9; 24. Sadie Rothrock (NH) 23:06.0; 25. Kloee Grizzel (CrC) 23:22.9; 29. Cailyn Baechle (P) 23:40.7; 30. Briley Dunn (CAI) 23:55.6; 31. Madelyn McDonald (P) 24:02.9; 32. Melonie Kopp (CrC) 24:14.3; 34. Hannah Albertson (P) 24:26.8.

     Borden finishers: 14. Kaylie Magallanes 21:40.4; 20. Joy Coffman 22:29.3; 23. Delaney Smith 22:58.1; 26. Kaela Rose 23:23.0; 28. Siera Thomas 23:36.1; 52. Lindsey Asplin 27:03.6; 54. Grace Hall 27:36.2.

     New Albany finishers: 15. Laura Andrew 21:40.6; 18. Caroline Barbieri 22:17.7; 19. Alexandra Hogue 22:19.2; 27. Lila Endris 23:23.7; 36. Brooklynn Bussell 24:36.3; 44. Jeanette Noveron 25:35.1;

     Other CAI finishers: 40. Grace Mullins 25:01.6; 59. Audrey Nash 28:28.5; 61. Reese Klinglesmith 29:55.4.

     Other Providence finishers: 35. Sarah Boehm 24:29.8; 37. Erica Voelker 24:46.3; 49. Claire Reyes 26:16.8.

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