NTSPY Boys Track-Micah Camble (copy)


New Albany's Indiana University-bound long sprinter brought home two medals from the IHSAA State Finals after helping lead the Bulldogs to drought-ending sectional and regional titles.

Camble not only took fourth in the 400-meter dash, he also ran a strong anchor leg to help the 1,600 relay squad find its way to the podium with a fourth-place finish as well.

"Going in I felt pretty good. It was the first time I actually had real competition all season," Camble said. "I felt like I could win [the 400], but the guy who won, he was fast. I tried to catch him, but he was really fast. Then the other two guys, one’s going to IU with me, he’s pretty cool, he beat me. Then the other guy beat me. But it’s OK because I’ll work harder in the offseason."

The team success will leave a lasting mark on his memories of his senior season. The Bulldogs won their first sectional title in 13 years and their first regional title in 48 years. 

"Actually the sectional was better than the regional because we didn’t know we were going to win the sectional," Camble said. "But some Floyd guys got hurt, which sucks, but we scored enough points to win, so that was really great. Then going into regional we knew we would win, we just had to execute. That was nice too. But to make some history, be a part of that history, was nice."

Camble said he laid the foundation for a successful senior year away from the track. As a result, he began to peak late in the season, running a 48.18 in the 400 in the Corydon Central Sectional to get the attention of the IU coaching staff.

"I came into [the season], I really wanted to focus, block out all the distractions, make sure I’m focused, make sure everybody around me...get my head right, make sure I was close with God, my family. I had to make sure everything outside, especially in the classroom too, then I could just kind of focus on track and make it easier," Camble said.