SELLERSBURG — A sizzling start helped Cooper Musselman to a record round at Covered Bridge Golf Club on Tuesday.

The former standout at Louisville St. Xavier High School, as well as the University of Kentucky, fired a scorching 10-under-par 61 — eclipsing the course record by one shot — to take the first-round lead in the Fuzzy Zoeller Classic at Covered Bridge, a Forme Tour event being played this week in Sellersburg.

The 26-year-old shot an 8-under 28 on the front nine before finishing up with a 2-under 33 on the back side.

“I got the putter hot early and it just stayed hot throughout the whole front nine,” Musselman said of his 10-birdie, bogey-free round. “I made the turn in 28, I think that’s a personal low for me. I’m very happy with how the round started, I just tried to hang on on the back. Luckily, I was able to roll in a few more putts and finish it off with a nice par to give me some good momentum going into the rest of the week.”

Forty-five of the 156 players failed to finish their first round due to darkness. They’ll resume play at 7:30 a.m. this morning and complete their rounds before second-round play gets underway today.

Three players (Matt Ryan, Trevor Werbylo and Andrew Yun) finished the day two shots behind Musselman and are tied for second.

Three more (Michael Johnson Dylan Meyer and Austin Hitt) are three shots back in a three-way tie for fifth.

First-round play was scheduled to start at 8 a.m. Tuesday, however officials delayed tee times by two hours and 30 minutes due to lightning.

Musselman, who teed off at 10:40 a.m., was blistering from the beginning.

He birdied eight holes on the front nine. The only one he didn’t was the par-3 third, which he parred.

“It got rolling pretty early,” Musselman said. “I birdied the first hole, birdied the second hole and then had a good birdie on the par-5, after hitting it over the green in two. I had a really good up-and-down to keep the momentum going.”

He finished the front nine with six straight birdies.

“I made a great putt on six and then hit a really good wedge shot on seven,” Musselman said. “I hit a really good 6-iron on eight. I didn’t hit some great shots on nine, but luckily I found myself with a wedge in the first cut and hit it to 15 feet and made it. That was one where I got lucky with a birdie. But I’ll take it.”

He parred the first three holes on the back nine before sandwiching birdies on 13 and 15 around another par on 14.

Musselman closed out his round with pars on the final three holes.

“The greens are at a perfectly makeable speed,” he said. “They’re rolling so good; not incredibly fast, but not slow so you can be aggressive with most of your putts. This course gives you some opportunities to have some wedges in your hands, and I think you need to take advantage of them.”

Ryan, Werbylo and Yun all had eight-birdie rounds.

“It’s crazy hot. I didn’t realize how hot it was going to be. It was 93 when I got here. It feels like 105,” Ryan said. “When I was getting ready before the round I said, ‘Do everything you can today to conserve energy,’ and I did a good job of that. I ate well. I had a Gatorade and a liquid IV packet. I didn’t waste any movements, and that paid off because it’s so hot out here.”

It’s supposed to be even hotter today, with temperatures forecast to reach the mid-90s.

The field will be cut to 60, plus ties, following completion of the second round.


1. Cooper Musselman -10 61

2. Matt Ryan -8 63

2. Trevor Werbylo -8 63

2. Andrew Yun -8 63

5. Michael Johnson -7 64

5. Dylan Meyer -7 64

5. Austin Hitt -7 64

8. Matt McCarty -6 65

8. David Sanders -6 65

10. Brian Carlson -5 66

10. Jeremy Paul -5 66

10. Zach Cabra -5 66

10. Kevin Techakanokboon -5 66

10. Riley Wheeldon -5 66

10. Bryson Nimmer -5 66

10. Steven Ihm -5 66

10. Jason Thresher -5 66

10. Steven Fisk -5 66

10. Luke Schniederjans -5 66

10. Joey Savoie -5 66

Today’s tee times

8 a.m. Logan Lockwood, Zach Smith, Albert Pistorius (Hole 1)

8 a.m.: David Sanders, Luis Gagne, Ryann Ree (Hole 10)

8:10 a.m.: Isaiah Salinda, Jordan Hahn, Austin Hitt (Hole 1)

8:10 a.m.: Stoney Crouch, Kevin Velo, Chase Koepka (Hole 10)

8:20 a.m.: Matt Ryan, Kyle Westmoreland, Wil Bateman (Hole 1)

8:20 a.m.: Eric Lilleboe, Chandler Eaton, Cole Miller (Hole 10)

8:30 a.m.: Andrew Yun, Andrew Walker, Briggs Duce (Hole 1)

8:30 a.m.: Trevor Werbylo, Grady Brame, Josh Hart (Hole 10)

8:40 a.m.: Byron Meth, Daniel O’Rourke, Charles Huntzinger (Hole 1)

8:40 a.m.: Anthony Maccaglia, David Pastore, Samuel Saunders (Hole 10)

8:50 a.m.: Eric Ansett, Austin Morrison, Jason Thresher (Hole 1)

8:50 a.m.: Blair Hamilton, Corey Pereira, Jorge Garcia (Hole 10)

9 a.m.: Steven Fisk, Luke Schniederjans, Blake Elliott (Hole 1)

9 a.m.: Michael Feagles, Joshua Seiple, Jeff Wibawa (Hole 10)

9:10 a.m.: Ryan Siegler, Edward Figueroa, Christopher Petefish (Hole 1)

9:10 a.m.: Joey Savoie, Eric McCardle, Hagen Fell (Hole 10)

9:20 a.m.: Matt Gilchrest, Jonathan Hardee, Bennett Baker (Hole 1)

9:20 a.m.: Jonathan Brightwell, Gavin Hall, Sean Busch (Hole 10)

9:30 a.m.: Benjamin Shipp, Spencer Soosman, Sebastian Crampton (Hole 1)

9:30 a.m.: Blake Wagoner, Jake Scott, Thomas Forster (Hole 10)

9:40 a.m.: Alex Schaake, Quade Cummins, David Germann (Hole 1)

9:40 a.m.: Beau Breault, Hayden Shieh, Jonathan Keppler (Hole 10)

9:50 a.m.: Clay Feagler, Jared du Toit, Angus Flanagan (Hole 1)

9:50 a.m.: Billy Tom Sargent, Thomas Lim, Patrick Cover (Hole 10)

10 a.m.: J.J. Grey, Daniel Hudson, Jeffrey Kang (Hole 1)

10 a.m.: Alexandre Fuchs, Tee-K Kelly, Camilo Aguado (Hole 10)

1 p.m.: James Hervol, Chris O’Neill, Tain Lee (Hole 1)

1 p.m.: Mac Meissner, Chris Crisologo, Ryan Elmore (Hole 10)

1:10 p.m.: Blake Olson, Max Marsico, Lawren Rowe (Hole 1)

1:10 p.m.: Brandon P. Smith, Lukas Euler, Cooper Musselman (Hole 10)

1:20 p.m.: Ben Lein, Lee Detmer, Michael Johnson (Hole 1)

1:20 p.m.: Brad Miller, Michael Chanaud, Travis Trace (Hole 10)

1:30 p.m.: Austin Squires, Joseph Harrison, Jacob Poore (Hole 1)

1:30 p.m.: Ryan Snouffer, Carson Young, Andrew McCain (Hole 10)

1:40 p.m.: Dalton Ward, David Perkins, Dylan Meyer (Hole 1)

1:40 p.m.: Jeffrey Swegle, Sean Walsh, Cody Burrows (Hole 10)

1:50 p.m.: Eric Dietrich, Corey Shaun, Billy Walthouse (Hole 1)

1:50 p.m.: Carter Jenkins, Andrew Dorn, Greg Eason (Hole 10)

2 p.m.: Hays Moreland, Turk Pettit, Ian Holt (Hole 1)

2 p.m.: Mason Overstreet, Brian Carlson, Blake Sattler (Hole 10)

2:10 p.m.: George Markham, Jeremy Paul, Jovan Rebula (Hole 1)

2:10 p.m.: Joey Lane, Philip Knowles, Keenan Huskey (Hole 10)

2:20 p.m.: Zach Cabra, A.J. Crouch, Jake Johnson (Hole 1)

2:20 p.m.: Spencer Ralston, Philip Barbaree, Justin Doeden (Hole 10)

2:30 p.m.: Matt Oshrine, Riley Wheeldon, Keller Harper (Hole 1)

2:30 p.m.: Kevin Techakanokboon, James Allenby, Matt McCarty (Hole 10)

2:40 p.m.: Trey Shirley, Steven Chervony, David Longmire (Hole 1)

2:40 p.m.: Bryson Nimmer, Jeremy Gandon, Callum Davison (Hole 10)

2:50 p.m.: Jordan Niebrugge, Zane Thomas, Cody Blick (Hole 1)

2:50 p.m.: Brendon Doyle, Kyler Dunkle, Zack Taylor (Hole 10)

3 p.m.: Chris Minton, Stanton Schorr, Kyle Mueller (Hole 1)

3 p.m.: Trace Crowe, Jack Sparrow, Harry Nodwell (Hole 10)

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