• High school: New Washington.

• Parents: Patricia & Jeremy Helton.

• Sports/clubs/activities I’m involved in: Basketball, softball, National Honor Society, 4-H.

• GPA: 3.98.

• Favorite moment/memory of my spring sport: My favorite softball memory is getting to play with my sister before she tore her meniscus and couldn’t play sports without going through extreme pain. I love my sister, and I will always cherish the short amount of time we got to play together.

• What I will miss about my spring sport: I’ll miss playing softball with the girls I grew up with. I won’t get to be in that moment again. Fortunately I get to continue softball in college, but a lot of other seniors won’t get that opportunity like I do. Like many other seniors I won’t get to have my last season. I don’t get a chance to play one last sectional and compete for that title one last time. It makes me feel robbed. The best parts of spring sports, and high school in general, happen at the end of the year, and it’s gone now. That’s what I’ll miss. I’ll miss all the things I didn’t get to do before I graduated and playing with the girls that were like family to me.

• College plans: I plan to go to Oakland City University. I’m going on a merit and athletic scholarship and I’ll pursue a degree in psychology and pre-medicine.

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